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Kevin Smith Wants Matt Damon & Ben Affleck For ‘Hit Somebody’; May Go Studio Route For The Film

Kevin Smith Wants Matt Damon & Ben Affleck For 'Hit Somebody'; May Go Studio Route For The Film

Reveals Script For Film Is Only Half Done And Already 110 Pages Long

After pissing off every distributor and sales agent who showed up at his fake “Red State” auction at Sundance, and insulting them in the process, Kevin Smith hopes to get $15 million — his estimated cost of the film — out of the studios for his next and last film “Hit Somebody.” That’s right. Just add it to the list of one of many contradictions that make up Kevin Smith.

During an hour long chat with MTV (via Cinematical) this afternoon, Smith talked about the progress of “Hit Somebody.” The script is only half done apparently, and already running about 110 pages long. Described as his “love letter to Canada,” the script is inspired by a Warren Zevon song and will take place between 1950 and 1980 and follow a hockey player who makes the big time. “It’s my Muppet movie,” Smith told MTV, adding, “It’s about what happens when your dreams come true — kind of a meditation on that.” He wants it to be the biggest film he’s ever done (hence the price tag). And with that in mind, he plans to approach both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon — whom he has worked with before — to make an appearance in his film and they would join a cast that currently includes much of his “Red State” roster including Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano, Michael Parks and Nicholas Braun. So cameos? Yeah, we could see that.

Last we heard, Smith had told the cast to get ready for a late summer/early fall shoot on “Hit Somebody.” Considering he has an incomplete script and no financing, we don’t see that happening. Smith is also gearing up to tour with “Red State” next month. The irony of Kevin Smith wanting studio money after spending the last few months criticizing the studio system is delightfully rich. But Hollywood has a remarkably short memory and there is definite cachet to releasing “Kevin Smith’s Last Movie.” But he’s not quite through with movies, hinting that he’ll keep writing and once again bringing up the “Ranger Danger” movie that has been knocking around for the past few years as a possible project.

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Kevin Smith has revealed Jersey Girl is his most expensive film but that was primarily because of salaries. Ben Affleck did get around $10 million and Jennifer Lopez got something north of $4 million (her role was apparently much larger before the whole Gigli fiasco made Smith recut the film to distance it from that POS as much as possible….too bad JGirl wasn’t much better).

Anywho, yeah does Smith even think about what he says anymore? I figure he might not since he spends at least 1/3 of his day chatting in podcasts and on radio and he just needs to fill the airspace. It is kinda ridiculous to look for studio money after he said at Sundance and I kinda quote : “Maybe I’ll see you guys my next film, fuck it, I’ll never sell a film again, you guys suck, I rule.”

Really I just hope he does make “Hit Somebody” his last film and sticks by his word. He makes a better screenwriter than a filmmaker (he is very talented) and I feel if he let other people direct his scripts we’d get much stronger films.

Christopher Bell

Actually I’m pretty sure that Affleck didn’t get much for his role. It was in some interview I read awhile back, but considering the amount he talks good luck finding it. It had something to do with him taking “Daredevil” when “Jersey Girl” was supposed to shoot, and Kevin moved the shoot under the condition that Affy would work for cheap. May actually be on one of the “Evening With” dvds…


I’m pretty sure Jersey Girl had a 30-35 million budget. Affleck (close to his box-office earning peak) got around 10 million for his part alone, I think.

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