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Louis Leterrier & Universal Team For Ambitious Sci-Fi Pic ‘G’

Louis Leterrier & Universal Team For Ambitious Sci-Fi Pic 'G'

Director Louis Leterrier is kicking off the new year with a bang. Last week, the helmer signed on to direct the Summit thriller “Now You See Me” and now he’s got another picture in the works.

THR reveals that Leterrier has signed on to produce and direct “G,” a sci-fi action picture the details of which are being kept under wraps for now but is drawing comparisons to “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Taken.” And while those parallels are somewhat apt, from what we know, Leterrier has been quietly working on this one for the past little while and though we can’t tell you much right now, we do know he’s planning a very ambitious and interesting approach to the shoot that is going to turn some heads. Stay tuned.

The concept for the film was thought up by Guymon Casady of Management 360 who will also be producing along with Mark Gordon. George Nolfi and Michael Hackett of Gambit Pictures will produce as well as Leterrier’s own Rabbit Hole shingle. The project is currently a bit of a way off as the filmmakers are taking it out to screenwriters, but the concept is a doozy and it should definitely generate some interest.

But we’ll have to wait a while yet before we see what Leterrier and his team are cooking up. The director will first tackle “Now You See Me” before getting to “G.”

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Nick Carver

Hey – I was pretty much right (if that news article is to be believed)! The concept of gravity gradually diminishing sounds like a pretty interesting concept for a videogame. Not so much a film. Cue 3 hours of people falling out into space on a bunch of different continents (but mostly on the West Coast of America).

The tag lines will pretty much write themselves though:
‘What happens when DOWN is UP?’
‘Gravity: HOLD ON.’
‘Isaac Newton is going to shit’


Delterrier is a drudge

Nick Carver

The G probably stands for gravity. It could be about gravity being reversed and everyone having to stay indoors to avoid falling out into space. Or maybe it;s the next G-Force? With ‘auteur’ Leterrier on-board I’m excited to see what he has in store for us next!


Those plot details aren’t quite accurate.

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