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Marc Webb’s Spidey Reboot Officially Titled ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’; New Pic Unveiled

Marc Webb's Spidey Reboot Officially Titled 'The Amazing Spider-Man'; New Pic Unveiled

So, Sony and Marc Webb‘s reboot of everyone’s fave metropolitan web slinger how has an official title that will definitely go over well with long time fans of the comic: “The Amazing Spider-Man.” And there are a couple more bells and whistles to go along with the official announcement.

First up, we have a new look at Spiderman following up the very emo first look that dropped a month ago. This time, he’s shooting webs from his whatzamajiggers (or some very advanced Timex watches) strapped to his wrists that very keen fans first noticed when they supersized the older pic last month. Next, Sony has a new website (with nothing on it) for the film as well.

Of course you you know all this but here we go: “The Amazing Spider-Man” stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans and Irrfan Khan as the villains, and Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Julianne Nicholson, Annie Parisse, Chris Zylka and C. Thomas Howell also among the cast. The 3D film hits on July 3, 2012. Full pic below. [Deadline]

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Told ya

“Arad: ‘Amazing Spider-Man is not a reboot’



I know what a reboot is. I haven’t found news that this will be a retelling of Spidey’s origin.

And my point was, if Batman Forever came out nowadays, it would totally be called a reboot. They changed the actors, referenced the origin again, completely changed tone, looks, etc. Burton’s two previous films are not acknowledged in any way.

Christopher Bell

Not sure I see a difference in the suit. And I think Spiderman 3 is the only good one, it’s the only one where Raimi actually realized it was silly and had some fun.

Gabe Toro

Did someone just say Marc Webb was more talented than Sam Raimi? The fuck?



Yes, after ONE movie I can tell that Webb is more talented than Raimi. Webb gets people and is a better storyteller. Raimi doesn’t understand real people, or a least, he’s unable to translate that understanding onto screen in an interesting and coherent way. Webb did all of that with (500) Days of Summer.

You know what else, I can tell by watching one film that Stanley Kubrick is more talented a filmmaker than Tony Scott. Your quibble with “one film” makes no sense.



The difference between a sequel and a reboot is whether or not the events of the past films are part of the universe or history of events for the new film. A reboot declares that nothing that came before in any of the previous Spiderman movies is part of this universe. They are wiping the slate clean as if the events of 1-3 never happened. That means they could give Spiderman a new origin story or that he could meet villains that he has previously battled for the first time again, with different outcomes. Characters who died in previous installments could suddenly spring back to life.

A sequel (or prequel) suggests that the characters are aware of the events of the previous films or that the events will be connected by the larger arc of the character’s story.

None of this has anything to do with the actors who play the characters or their costumes. All of the “Batman” up until 2005 were sequels. “Batman Begins” was a reboot. “The Dark Knight” is a sequel to “Batman Begins.”


500 days of summer was such a terrible movie, I had no hope for this but am trying to approach it with an open mind…but really, do we need to see the origin story again?

…and did someone just call Marc Webb a more talented director than Sam Raimi, based on him only having done one movie?!


Well the things on his wrist make sense, since the webs would never be able to come from his wrist and through his suit, but i dont love the new suit… i liked the ones was Rami’s films much better.


I dunno, ac. I think this one actually looks MORE like a teenager made it. Or at least bought some sort of wetsuit and modified it.


call me a drooling fanboy but I don’t love the changes to the suit. it ain’t broke, and ain’t been broke for about 50 years now, so why fix it? is it just to differentiate it from the raimi movies? by the looks of things the biggest suspension of disbelief required will be that a teenager made that suit by himself.


Denis Leary? Really? And no Bruce Campbell? How’s that for a kick in the…


I’m with you Rotch,

Of Raimi’s films:

1 as disappointing, though the early scenes I thought were fun.
2 was good, though I disagree and think the ending was kind of week.
3 is better off forgotten all together.

I guess people are calling it a reboot because it looks like it will go over Spidey’s origin again and have him in school. I’m fine with calling it a reboot, but to me that’s not a bad thing…Especially in this case!


It’s funny, of Raimi’s trilogy I’m not fond of 1 and 3 but I utterly love 2. As superhero comic book adaptations go, it’s my all time favorite.

And I’m really excited about this reboot. Webb is making all the right choices, I think.

Also, I think it’s funny they lable it as a reboot. Changes in the cast and tweaks in the costumes? Batman Forever had all those and it was a sequel.


Man, this movie us going to be pretty cool. I can’t believe so many nerds are hating on it as a “reboot” that is happening too soon. Raimi’s Spidey films with mopey Dunst and bland Maguire are way, way, way overrated. Basically the first act of Part 1 was good, and the first 2 acts of Part 2 were really solid. The rest of the trilogy was basically garbage.

Webb is a more talented director, and so is this cast with Garfield and Stone in the leads. What’s not to like?!?

Come on people, don’t hate. Give it a chance.


Glad they’re going with “the amazing spider-man”, I’ve always wanted one of the movies to be titled that since it was rumored the second would be.

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