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Michael Bay Blows Up Earth & Everything In ‘Transformers 3’ Super Bowl Spot

Michael Bay Blows Up Earth & Everything In 'Transformers 3' Super Bowl Spot

Man, watching the reactions to this one on Twitter was epic and awesome. It was like the sound of 5,000 nerd boners just light up your feed. Love your shit blowed up real good? Michael Bay certainly delivers with this Superbowl ad from “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.” Fanboys are in a tizzy right now and yes, it looks impressive, it’s well cut and there’s mega explosions, etc. But like “Transformers 2” will it be even semi-coherent? Like that picture, will it make you want to punch someone, perhaps yourself for having paid $12 bucks, in the face? Remains to be seen, but geeks will surely be frothing at the mouths for the next few weeks. The 3rd — and final? — “Transformers” film hits July 1, 2011 in the 3D-filming that Bay previously hated. Watch it below.

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Sounds like there are some Battle: LA fanboys too…

Andrew Willis



Is it just me or did that ad smack of a poorly veiled attempt to copy the excellent Battle for Los Angeles trailer. The simple yet dramatic music, the quick cuts that give you just a glimpse of the action to be without giving anything away.

This trailer spot was a rich man’s attempt at a poor man’s Battle for LA trailer. And if you ask me, it failed to deliver. All I could think about was how much better someone else had done it.

The movie hasn’t even come out yet and Bay has already badly ripped off Pink Floyd, and a competing film.

Kudos, Mr. Bay. Kudos.


My opinion is probably the same as others in that Transformers 1 was pretty fun and better than I expected and then Transofmers 2 sucked. This teaser looks promising, and I’m glad they are back in the city instead of the woods or the desert (what a bland action location), but who knows if it reflects the finished product


Yes this looked cool. But so did the Superbowl teaser for Transformers: ROFLOL. I don’t get how anyone can get positively excited from such a highly edited 30 sec spot.

Kevin Jagernauth

As soon as Shia Labeef, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese and whatshernuts Megan Fox replacement open their mouths to speak in whatever longer trailer comes next, the full extent to how terrible this will be will be evident.

The T3 trailer will be the same as the last two: “Run!” “Autobots” “Something something space jazz!”

Edward Davis

You weren’t kidding about the reactions. The same nerds who called T2 a piece of shit were blowing their wds and as cirkusfolk said the teaser for T2 was decent too. It’s not hard to make these movies look like a fun time. It’s much harder to make them a tolerable movie experience though and yes, they are ripping the tone and feel of “Battle: LA” hard.


Another pointless, bloated CGI-crapfest that the studio will shove down our throats with multi-million dollar ad campaigns and toy tie-ins. Michael Bay should be making video games, not movies.


Has a supermodel ever looked so bland? wow.


I’m holding out hope. Transformers (with Spielberg’s guiding hand) is Michael Bay’s most entertaining film & is the one redeemable piece of work he’s made in a logn long LONG time.

But Transformers 2 was the worst film I’ve ever paid to suffer through.

The marketing for this looks beyond amazing (but the one thing Bay never faults at is selling his film) so I hope the film lives up to it.

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