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Michael Bay & Taylor Lautner Pitching Studios On ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ & ‘Wanted’ Styled Project

Michael Bay & Taylor Lautner Pitching Studios On 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' & 'Wanted' Styled Project

Everyone wants to be in the Taylor Lautner business these days. He’s got a following thanks to “Twilight,” he’s got a buff bod, good looks and is non-threatening, which makes him appealing to a big swath of mainstream America. He’s being groomed to be an A-list action star and he’s already got John Singleton‘s “Abduction” set to hit later this year, and the futuristic fantasy pic “Incarceron” in development among a handful of projects with his name attached. But now he’s set to team with the biggest action director of them all: Michael Bay.

Deadline reports that Team Bay-Lautner have sent out a script for all the studios to battle over. Details on what such a collaboration could possibly bear are being kept under wraps but it’s said to be (quite generically) somewhere between “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and “Wanted.” So basically, it’s like any other run-of-the-mill action pic, but with Bay-styled explosions and Victoria Secret models we presume.

Team Bay-Lautner aren’t reducing themselves to shucking around town and grovelling at the feet of executives, but they will be in town, on respective breaks from “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” and “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” to meet with any honchos who want to chat. Can the world handle the awe-inspiring power of Bay/Lautner? We can hardly contain our indifference.

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The guy is smart. Knows his limitacions and is taking advantage of his abs. Wish to be his agent with the amount of money that’s coming soon into his bank account. It’s ok, this is also a bussiness and I’m all for grab some popcorn and watch explosions once a year. It’s funny how Pattinson is taking the difficult way working with Cronenberg giving the finger to the dark side when he could be working in stupid romantic comedies like Valentine’s Day (Lautner again) making $$$$ and still you bash him. Well, at least he’s trying man.

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