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Michelle Pfeiffer In Talks For Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’; Helena Bonham Carter Also Eyeing Role

Michelle Pfeiffer In Talks For Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'; Helena Bonham Carter Also Eyeing Role

Update: Deadline reports that, while talks haven’t formally begun, Helena Bonham Carter is expected to play “Hoffman, a specialist in psychology and rare blood disorders who moves into Collinwood.” She becomes an ally to Barnabas and may even be able to cure his thirst for blood.

Granted, we’ve given a lot of flack to Tim Burton — deservedly so — for his largely crappy output of late, but the cast he’s assembling for “Dark Shadows” is certainly promising and if reteaming with an actress from one of his earlier successes sparks some new creative juices, we’re all for it.

THR reports that Michelle Pfeiffer is in negotiations to reteam with “Batman Returns” helmer for “Dark Shadows.” Already set to star Johnny Depp, Jackie Earle Haley, Eva Green and Bella Heathcote, the adaptation of the cult 1960s vampire show centers on Barnabas Collins, a vampire (to be played by Depp) who is in search of his lost love, Josette. Should she sign on, Pfeiffer would play Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, the matriarch of her brood who has not left her mansion in the decade following the disappearance of her husband.

Production is ramping up with plans to get the film in front of cameras in April. For Pfeiffer, this project is yet another one added her increasing busy schedule as she is currently shooting both “New Year’s Eve” and “Welcome To People.” For an actress who has been on the cusp of a comeback for the past couple of years, this could tip the balance. We just hope Burton and Depp lurch out of their too familiar and too comfortable working relationship to deliver on some intriguing material.

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Connie M Carroll

Ooopes I meant Dr Hoffman Hey it;s being a Looong time since I watched the original show folks.

Connie M Carroll

I don’t see Helena as Dr Hall, I thought she might be one of the Collins family, but not my call. Wonder if Burton will ask Sir Christopher Lee to make a small appearance as he is like several other directors who like to keep the same crew around them.

Charlie Brown

It can’t be that bad.

Michelle was an extraordinarily sexy witch in Stardust…


I still can’t believe Michelle Pfeiffer doesn’t have an Oscar on her mantle. Her versatility and range is astounding ( and her timeless beauty).


Seems to me that Jackie Earle Haley would be a much better ‘Barnabas Collins’. …I think John Depp is better suited for roles like the one where he gets slapped around all day by Christopher Walken…


MP’s chops are SUPERB. Glad to hear she’s going to be around. bb


Helena Bonham Carter is the absolute worst choice to play Dr. Hoffman. Compare her with the absolutely BADASS Barbara Steele in the 1991 re-boot of the series, Grayson Hall in the original. I am gutted.


Well, if they do as well with this material as they did with Sweeney Todd, it should do very well, but they will need to be careful with the screenplay or it will degenerate into horror mush…


DEPP does this jerk have to get every role what’s next for him 007?


She’s back, people. And with a very diverse bunch of films to boot : a rom com, an indie drama, and now a Burton extravaganza. Age was always going to be an asset to her.

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