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Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth To Join Park Chan-Wook’s English Language Debut ‘Stoker’

Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth To Join Park Chan-Wook's English Language Debut 'Stoker'

Mia Wasikowska Also Confirmed

Earlier this year, a screenplay by Ted Foulke (Wentworth Miller’s sobriquet) called “Stoker” made the rounds and started gaining buzz. It became a hot property and Scott Free Productions quickly snatched up the film that’s now set up at Fox Searchlight. “Oldboy” helmer Park Chan-Wook became attached to direct and early casting rumors had Carey Mulligan, Mia Wasikowska and Jodie Foster in talks for roles, but it looks like the film is getting two massive heavyweights on board as well.

The LA Times reports that Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth are negotiating to join the film, and moreover, Wasikowska is confirmed to star.

“Stoker” is described as a fantastical, fairy-tale like family drama that follows the story of an eccentric teen, India (Wasikowska), whose enigmatic and estranged uncle returns to the family after the death of the girl’s father. People, however, start to go missing in her hometown at the same time and she soon discovers that her uncle may be the cause. Kidman would play India’s mother, and Firth would take on the part of the uncle. The plan is for the film to shoot this spring; Firth is still committed to “Gambit” but it will likely shoot after.

There is franchise potential in the film as Foulke has already penned a sequel titled “Uncle Charlie,” but we’re still recovering from the trifecta of Kidman, Firth and Wasikowska powering this film. Confidential to Wasikowska: We love that you’re continuing to avoid the allure of schlocky big budget pics for smart, challenging fare. Great job.

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Wow. Today it’s called a ‘tip of the hat’ to Hitchcock. In another era, it was called theft.


And Nicole Kidman’s performance in Rabbit Hole is not human? You must be kidding me mah girl…


@kevin Jagernauth Mia eventually will look after a blockbuster. Natalie Portman is in Thor. TeenQueen indie Kristen Stewart is in Twilight. It’s a good thing to try different things, makes your career richer (and your bank account).


You think a 26 year old who looks even older would be perfect as a teenager?


Wentworth Miller interview (Movieline, July 24, 2010)
“There’s a leaping-off point in Stoker that was directly inspired by Shadow of a Doubt. Also, the character name is Uncle Charlie and the prequel’s called Uncle Charlie, so that’s a tip of the hat.”


Firth? Yes. Foster to Kidman? Downgrade. Kidman doesn’t look or act like a real person. And Mulligan’s a better actress than Mia too. If the cast were Firth, Foster, and Mulligan, it would be perfect.


Isn’t this more or less the same plot as Hitchcock’s ‘Shadow of a Doubt?’


awesome awesome awesome


+from. Grumble.


Was ‘Alice in Wonderland’ suddenly expunged Wasikowska’s record? What a turd.

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