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Noam Murro To Direct ‘Die Hard 5’

Noam Murro To Direct 'Die Hard 5'

Skip Woods’ Script Is Apparently Still In

Noam Murro. Who?

Well, if you were one of the few who saw the Sarah Jessica Parker/Thomas Haden Church dramedy “Smart People,” he’s the guy who directed it and Deadline reports that he’s now signed on to direct “Die Hard 5.” Wait, what? Apparently the helmer impressed Fox suits with his work on the most recent campaign for the videogame “Halo” — you can check out one of his spots below. In fact, he’s pretty successful in the commercial word, earning five DGA nods and two Golden Lions at Cannes.

Moreover, it appears that contradictory to reports earlier today, the script by Skip Woods (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “The A-Team”) is still in, and will be developed further. And yeah, Daniel Espinosa won’t be getting a call either as we suspected (and as was suggested). No word yet on when it might go in front of cameras, but it seems they’re waiting to get it right before lensing.

So, can we get an answer soon if a Hans Gruber relative will be the villain?

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Word’s out on Willis. I expect he’ll begin to rein in his douche behaviour or his invites to the party will begin to dry up.


i hate commercials, BUT…

Murro makes some awesome awesome shit

fanny bunz

awesome. i almost passed out from excitement.
nope that was the excess of cocaine and hard liquor.
this is boring. i wonder if this fat pig will get bullied like willis pushed around kevin smith.

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