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Paul Haggis Talks Scientology to The New Yorker, ABC Videos Cruise

Paul Haggis Talks Scientology to The New Yorker, ABC Videos Cruise

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We’ve been waiting for Lawrence Wright’s New Yorker Scientology expose ever since Canadian writer-director Paul Haggis (Crash) denied involvement in writing a tell-all book. That may not be necessary now that The New Yorker has published the 26-page story about the director and his many years spent in league with the religion. Lawrence has said:

“I will expand on that material for the book. Both the article and the eventual book will explore the Haggis family’s experience inside the church and their decision to leave it. Haggis has been extremely helpful and candid, but he is certainly not a collaborator.”

The LAT answers the question–What will be the fallout–with three takeaways from the heavily vetted New Yorker piece:

1. Current church head David Miscavige has physically abused adherents.

2. The church engages in human trafficking and under-or-unpaid labor, primarily through its Sea Org program at its Gold Base facility in Southern California.

3. That the FBI is investigating the organization for alleged trafficking and child-labor violations

Of his attraction and involvement to the celeb-friendly religion, Haggis told Wright: “I was in a cult for 34 years,…Everyone else could see it. I don’t know why I couldn’t.” It wasn’t until August 2009 that he felt compelled to leave. He wrote a letter to the church, stating his disgust with their support of Prop 8:

“For ten months now I have been writing to ask you to make a public statement denouncing the actions of the Church of Scientology of San Diego…[The Church’s] public sponsorship of Proposition 8, which succeeded in taking away the civil rights of gay and lesbian citizens of California—rights that were granted them by the Supreme Court of our state—is a stain on the integrity of our organization and a stain on us personally. Our public association with that hate-filled legislation shames us…Silence is consent, Tommy [Davis, the Church’s spokesperson]. I refuse to consent…I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Scientology.”

Here is ABCNews‘s video on the issue, featuring a cackling Tom Cruise:
ABC News

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William Yenner

Lawrence Wright highlights a type of social pathology that, far from being confined to Scientologists, is a ubiquitous feature of many contemporary so-called “religious” or “spiritual” organizations. Yet public discourse about the relative merits of any particular such group usually seems oblivious to this pathology. Why?

Though this is a phenomenon endemic to groups that use mystical traditions and founding myths to justify their authority over individual members, each time they produce results consistent with their authoritarian blueprints there is public outrage—AFTER a lot of people have gotten hurt and their bizarre ordeals have become the object of gawking and controversy.

American Guru, my book about the organization EnlightenNext and its founder Andrew Cohen, tracks the history and development of this phenomenon in yet another such “idealistic” group. To demonstrate how much EnlightenNext has in common with the Church of Scientology, I’ve written an article showing parallels which these two groups have in common, and which in fact a great number of authoritarian spiritual groups share.

You will find the article here:

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