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Paul Walker To Star In Fred Durst’s ‘Pawn Shop Chronicles’

Paul Walker To Star In Fred Durst's 'Pawn Shop Chronicles'

While much of the populace still harbors residual resentment and ill-will towards musician/filmmaker Fred Durst for his rap-rock tresspasses and early aughts omnipresence, the Limp Bizkit frontman has undeniably contributed to modern cinema in a film that is already being considered a contemporary classic

How’s that? Well, Fred Durst directed, and further-boosted the career of, Jesse Eisenberg in his filmmaking debut “The Education Of Charlie Banks” in 2007. While Eisenberg was already ostenibly “discovered” in 2005 by Noah Baumbach for his breakout turn in The Squid In The Whale,” the major difference is that Durst is friends with director David Fincher, so when it was time for “The Social Network” creator to cast his young Facebook creator, the singer/rapper recommended Eisenberg. Now nominated for his first Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Oscar, the rest, as they say, is history.

Anyway, Fred Durst is now mounting his sophomore third feature filmmaking effort. Titled the “Pawn Shop Chronicles,” the thriller, dubbed a “hillbilly ‘Pulp Fiction,’ ” by its producers, will star Paul Walker, he of the crystal blue eyes you just want to swim in and the “Fast And Furious” franchise.

Lionsgate will distribute the picture in the U.S. and the film centers on a maze of interconnected tales that focus on the disappearance of a wedding ring, and a wild goose chase that leads to run-ins with Elvis impersonators, Meth addicts and racist skinheads.

Actor/writer Adam Minarovich penned the script and the producers hope to put the picture in front of cameras by the spring. [THR]

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Benjamin Wright

Agree with Ken, he also did that forgettable Ice Cube flick.

Anyways, I actually didn’t hate “Banks”, it definitley showed he may have some sort of potential.

Also, I remember ages ago he was talking about how he was set to direct “Lords Of Dogtown”, which Fincher was producing, and it was supposed to be his directorial debut. Wonder what happened there.

What’s with all the interconnected tale films? I thought they would be old hat after stinkers like “Valentine’s Day” and “The Air I Breathe.”


Not sophomore effort, he also made that movie with Ice Cube… The Longshots

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