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Updated: Olivia Wilde & Mila Kunis Also In The Mix For Lois Lane; Kristen Stewart Not Approached

Updated: Olivia Wilde & Mila Kunis Also In The Mix For Lois Lane; Kristen Stewart Not Approached

‘Superman’ To Be Totally CGI?

Update: Reps for Kristen Stewart have told People, There are a number of fabricated stories circulating. The fact is that she has not met on this film nor has she been approached for this film.”

With Henry Cavill officially cast as Clark Kent in Zack Snyder‘s forthcoming “Superman,” rumors are now flying fast and furious for who will play Lois Lane. Just yesterday reports surfaced that Malin Akerman, Dianna Agron, Jessica Biel, Rachel McAdams and Kristen Stewart have read or been asked to read for the part. Well, you can now scratch one name from that list and add a couple more.

The NYDaily News reports that Stewart did meet with Zack Snyder and his wife and producer Deborah Snyder to discuss the part of Lois Lane, but that things didn’t get very far. Not quite ready to once again face the exposure and media scrutiny the “Twilightfilms have thrust upon her, Stewart apparently declined an opportunity to read for the role, with reps for the actress cagily stating she “did not read for the part.” According to the paper’s source, Snyder was miffed that Stewart used up his precious time for a meeting only to politely decline but a) we don’t buy that Snyder is upset — he’s got his pick of hot, young actresses to choose from (more on that in a second) and b) it smells like some unnecessary pot-stirring. Stewart has moved on, smartly choosing to focus on lower key films and indie fare, and Snyder apparently has a couple more beauties he’ll be talking to.

The NYDailyNews has casually mentioned Mila Kunis — a name we haven’t heard tossed around yet — as another potential contender for the part of Lois Lane, while Latino Review have revealed that Olivia Wilde has already tested for the part. The potential roadblock to her landing the gig might be her commitment to the crime thrillerKin” with Eric Bana, but apparently that production is willing to be pushed to accommodate Wilde if she lands Lois Lane in “Superman.” This surely won’t be the last of the casting rumors, so expect more names to crop up in the coming days and weeks. We can’t say we’re too surprised that Kunis and Wilde are in the mix — they are two fanboy faves who recently have proven they can hold their own on screen in “Black Swan” and “Tron: Legacy,” respectively.

And if that’s not enough rumor mill stuff for you, Cinematical quietly dropped that they’re been hearing that Henry Cavill may never even wear the iconic superhero costume, as Superman may be an all-CGI creation “that looks sorta like Christopher Reeve.” It’s not an idea that’s unheard of — Ryan Reynolds‘ suit for “Green Lantern” is going to be purely pixels — but given that reception for that suit has been very, very cool (at best) we’re not sure that’s the best idea. And if Christopher Nolan really is putting his producing powers into the film, we don’t see him giving the thumbs up to a computer generated costume and/or character, particularly given his penchant to anchor the world of Bruce Wayne into something as close to reality as possible. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

“Superman” is gearing up to shoot later this year and will hit theaters in winter 2012.

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The idea that Cavill will be providing mo-cap for a CGI Christopher Reeve is stupid beyond words. Really, Playlist, you’re not going to dismiss this rumor as patently ridiculous?

What makes more sense – that WB is going to put out a press release touting Henry Cavill as the new Superman and then go through the painstaking, time-consuming, and utterly terrible process of removing him from every single frame of the film in order to replace him with a CGI Christopher Reeve? Or that someone somewhere saw some early animatics where the artists had mapped Christopher Reeve’s face on the model in lieu of knowing which actor was going to get cast in the role?

I mean, if you think about it for longer than two seconds, the whole idea collapses under the weight of its own absurdity.




Any actress would be wise to avoid any superhero movie, as it’s a thankless role to land, especially with such a huge community of obnoxious, misogynistic fans of the genre.

Yo J

Olivia Wilde is my pick, with Kunis as a runner up. But the more I think about it though, casting Lois Lane will depend on how modernized and how far are they going to delve into the Lois Lane character in the reboot. It is a secondary role but if the character is somewhat of a stretch from the tough and sassy, Margot Kidder/Lois Lane we all know, can these actresses from the short list pull it off? Will the character be complex? All I know is in Batman Begins, Katie Holmes was a terrible and forgettable love interest. I hope that I don’t say the same for Lois Lane in the reboot.

Someone mentioned somewhere that if all else fails, they should just “cast a relatively unknown actor for Lois, then surround her and Cavill with a kick ass, strong cast of veterans.” I’m already thinking backup Plan B-list: a dyed brunette Kate Mara of 127 Hours, Odette Yustman (The Unborn) or Emmy Rossum. She needs a big break.


Olivia Wilde would be the ideal Lois Lane.

It’s probably always been the plan to create a digital version of Supes mainly for VFX purposes. But the idea that he would be digital the entire time he’s in costume on screen is highly doubtful. It would be too expensive and it would never look as good as the real thing. But a digital Supes for flying shots, sure.

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