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Watch: ‘Girl Walks Into A Bar’ Trailer Is About….Naked People Playing Ping Pong?

Watch: 'Girl Walks Into A Bar' Trailer Is About....Naked People Playing Ping Pong?

You gotta hand it to director Sebastian Gutierrez (“Women In Trouble,” “Elektra Luxx“). He knows that his cinematic oeuvre lies in shooting as many beautiful women in as many skimpy outfits as possible (particularly his longtime ladyfriend Carla Gugino) and he certainly knows how to work a Rolodex, enlisting a bevy stars to feature in his low-budget features that nobody watches. It seems he cranks one of these out every six months, and so, here we go with “Girl Walks Into A Bar.”

Starring Carla Gugino, Zachary Quinto, Josh Hartnett, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Robert Forster, Alexis Bledel, Amber Valletta, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Michelle Ryan, Gil Bellows, Aaron Tveit, Kevin Zegers and Xander Berkeley, the comedy follows a group of apparent strangers in interlocking stories taking place in 10 different bars during the course of one evening in Los Angeles. Lots of teasing shots of barely dressed ladies and yep, that’s a bunch of naked people playing ping pong.

The film will debut on YouTube on March 11th and hit SXSW later that same month. Synopsis and trailer below.

GIRL WALKS INTO A BAR connects a group of apparent strangers over one night across ten bars throughout Los Angeles. Zachary Quinto stars as a dentist who teams up with a feisty would-be assassin (Carla Gugino) to put the final touches on the plan to kill his wife. Once he makes a play for the assassin’s payment, he unknowingly sets off a chain of events that fuels a crosstown journey through the many lounges, bars, strip clubs and the occasional nudist ping pong clubs scattered across Los Angeles. By turns funny and heartbreaking, this sharp-witted comedy features ten interconnected vignettes that build to a revealing finish.

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hey!who knows what music is playing when Rosario Dawson and Josh Hartnett kiss!!?!would be really grateful!


I want see zachary naked in this movie IS SO WONDERFUL!!!!

Zach Q

Boycotting this site, bitchez!

Sebastian Gutierrez

@KevinJagernauth — I dunno, Kevin, is naked ping pong really all you got from that trailer or is using the words “naked Ping Pong” get The Playlist more traffic? Seems like an awfully hypocritical high horse to stand on to claim my “cinematic oeuvre lies in shooting as many beautiful women in as many skimpy outfits as possible” when I doubt you’ve watched most of my movies — and I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen this one, as you’re not on the list of bloggers and critics reviewing it. If you’re going to settle for being catty, at least have the respect for your readers to show a little wit. Or maybe concentrate on speculating about Grant Lee’s work on the score, since that’s what your site is supposed to put emphasis on.

Danny DeVito

Semi-famous compared to you, Bunty Hoven?

Charlie Sheen

I wonder if the commentators are actually who they say they are- God knows I’m not.

Though I believe that must be Sebastian Gutierrez. I think he has every right to respond in that manner especially since it really is evident that the playlist has yet to properly see/review a full film of his.

With all that being said, the trailers and synopses of these low-budget affairs do not inspire much hope or entertainment.


Josh Hartnett is slowly turning into Charles Bronson. I can’t be the only person seeing this, right?


And Alexis Bledel… that’s four


Hmm…three actors from this movie were in Sin City together… Rosario Dawson, Josh Hartnett, Carla Gugino… weird


What the fuck are these things? Weird Hollywood insider Christmas cards or something? Bizarre how he manages to recruit all these semi-famous people for these odd little in-jokes.

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