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Watch: ‘The Black Mamba’ Short Film For Nike With Kobe Bryant, Directed By Robert Rodriguez

Watch: 'The Black Mamba' Short Film For Nike With Kobe Bryant, Directed By Robert Rodriguez

Bruce Willis, Danny Trejo & Kanye West Stop By For Cameos

The full length short film, “The Black Mamba,” a collaboration between Nike, Kobe Bryant and director Robert Rodriguez has landed and it’s….okay.

The sorta meta concept is a movie about the making of a movie, with Rodriguez pitching Bryant on a movie concept about a hero called “The Black Mamba,” and as he describes it, we see what he envisions. Bryant squares off against a monster-fied Danny Trejo, runs into Bruce Willis seemingly reprising his role from “The Expendables” before doing a final battle against zombie looking basketball players commissioned by main baddie Kanye West. It fits very comfortably into the grindhouse wheelhouse for Rodriguez, so if you’ve worn out your “Machete” DVD this is probably worth a quick spin. Check it out below. [Nike]

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Some.. screen presence.

Still nice one Rodriguez! You should cast yourself more.

Great SFX yet again. Took me back to Sin City for a minute. Tops.


Maybe he’s getting less roles, but I also think he likes working with Robert Rodriguez, they’re good budies.

Michael Bay

@ ao

go post that garbage elsewhere.

Edward Davis



yo yo how bout you guys report on the real story

git noe on the line, git a statement, be a real journalist

Michael Bay

that was really entertaining


Does Bruce Willis have financial issues? He’s becoming almost Nicolas Cage-like in his numerous appearances in random projects.


Kobe’s got some screen presence

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