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Where’s Greta Gerwig? Trailer For ‘Arthur’ With Russell Brand Lands With A Thud

Where's Greta Gerwig? Trailer For 'Arthur' With Russell Brand Lands With A Thud

Ooof. Listen, we like Russell Brand, and he can be quick with a quip and wit, but we just sat here watching the trailer for “Arthur” — yes, a remake of the Dudley Moore comedy “classic” — and we kept waiting for something funny to happen. It never did.

The film stars Brand in the titular role as the spoiled playboy, with Helen Mirren playing Arthur’s put-upon nanny and Greta Gerwig as the girl who forces Arthur to choose between marrying for money or love. Jennifer Garner and Nick Nolte also star with Garner playing an heiress Arthur must marry to retain his fortune, while Nolte plays her deeply religious father. So now that you know that, where the hell is Gerwig in this trailer? We understand that trailers need to sell the stars and that most of America doesn’t know who she is, but her character is the driving force of the plot so we’re a bit confused why she’s relegated to a two-second appearance. Anyway, with the focus on the jokes instead, each one comes off like a big swing and a miss. But hey, if seeing Brand and Luis Guzmán dressed up as Batman and Robin gets you off, more power to you. Also? Most misplaced use of “Under Pressure” ever.

The Jason Winer (“Modern Family“) directed film hits on April 8th. Trailer below.

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Edward Davis

pulled? It still works for me.


the video got pulled. edits?


‘arthur’ is just one of those films that does not need a remake. this was/is a bad idea. go watch the original and be done with it.


I can’t get over how much like Skeletor Brand looks. Seriously, he should have remade Masters of the Universe instead of spitting on Dudley Moore’s grave.

Christopher Bell

I like Guzman’s goofy lines in the trailer. Other than that, I was too busy wondering where Gerwig was and why he was more manchild than alcoholic.


Also, will this Arthur be an alcoholic? Because another thing wrong with this trailer is the lack of booze.


it actually looks pretty good and has got good reviews in test screenings if you could be bothered to search online


This was a huge letdown. The cast is great imho. Let’s just hope it’s only a bad trailer.

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