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Woody Harrelson Not Sold Just Yet On A ‘Zombieland’ Sequel

Woody Harrelson Not Sold Just Yet On A 'Zombieland' Sequel

Almost as soon as “Zombieland” became a surprise box office hit, and scored with both audiences and critics, work was started on the sequel. The script was apparently finished last fall and while rumors surfaced about various celebrity cameos featured within, those were quickly stamped out.

Looking back, it’s sort of remarkable to see how far the cast in the film has come. Emma Stone has become one of the hottest young actresses in town thanks to her charming, winning turn in “Easy A” that helped her land the coveted role of Gwen Stacey in “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Jesse Eisenberg is now a bonafide star and Oscar nominee thanks to “The Social Network.” However, the film’s other major star, Woody Harrelson, continues to plug along in films that catch his fancy, but he’s not entirely sure he wants to suit up again as Tallahassee in in a “Zombieland 2.”

Speaking with Total Film, Harrelson reveals his wariness about a followup to the hit film saying, “I’m sure it will happen if everyone does it, but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do.”

That being said, Harrelson does admit that sometimes his instincts are off and that he nearly didn’t bother reading the script for the film. “I didn’t even want to read the script… Then as it turns out, I read the script and I thought it was phenomenal, really funny…Usually, if I theoretically reject it, I’m right, but this one I was dead wrong. And it might be the first movie I do a sequel to.”

So which is it Woody? Are you going to do it or aren’t you? Clearly, he’s still on the fence, but he says, “I don’t feel like a sequels guy.”

Fair enough. Frankly, we don’t think a sequel is necessary — “Zombieland” was the kind of lightning in a bottle thing that can’t really be replicated — but we’re pretty sure the studio will want one, particularly with all things zombie and vampire being the rage in Hollywood. But considering director Ruben Fleischer seems to want to do anything but a “Zombieland” follow up — he’s got the comedy “30 Minutes Or Less” with Eisenberg in the can and if everything pans out, it looks like he’s doing “Tales From The Gangster Squad” next — maybe they should take it as a sign to leave the idea of a sequel alone.

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I kind of hope it happens, and that it works. But if it is 3D I won’t be seeing it. I’m truly sick of that damned awful gimmick; I think it’s killing cinema for a significant percentage of people.


I’m pretty sure this is happening and he’s just not as informed as everyone assumes. We already have this title on thet slate for Sony’s upcoming 3D releases so the script is probably almost done and they’ve already confirmed it’s filming in 3D. The movie was set up for a sequel, it BETTER happen.


Zombieland 2 is not happening then. Shame, but I think they can’t top the original one and I’m excited for Fleischer’s next film, he really seems like a promising director.


well, i four one would LOVE to see a sequel to Zombieland. It was one of the fresh, bright surprises in the theatres for me last year.

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