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Adrien Brody & Penelope Cruz’s ‘Manolete’ aka ‘Blood & Passion’ aka ‘A Matador’s Mistress’ Gets Date

Adrien Brody & Penelope Cruz's 'Manolete' aka 'Blood & Passion' aka 'A Matador's Mistress' Gets Date

For a film that has been collecting dust for years, no surprise that Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz‘s “Manolete” aka “Blood & Passion” (in Canada) and now “A Madator’s Mistress” is going straight to VOD.

Variety reports that Gravitas Ventures will release the film to VOD in June. Sitting around since 2007, and having avoided the film festival route instead being shilled at various worldwide marketplaces (hence the various titles), the film tells the story of Spain’s most famous and revered bullfighter Manuel ‘Manolete’ Rodriguez (Brody) and his love for the actress and socialite Lupe Sino (Cruz). The film has already been released in various places, and it went straight-to-DVD in Canada under the aforementioned title “Blood & Passion” so if you’re just dying to see it you can just go ahead and order it.

For everyone else, “The Matador’s Mistress” will be available in June to order on your TV. Check out a sizzle reel from the film below.

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Okay, we just red boxed this movie and it was so good! I love this true story and what makes it even better, helloooooo, my man, Adrian B!!! There isn’t anything he stars in/does that isn’t good. Penelope is beautiful in this too. She’s the most beautiful I have ever seen. Last but not least, by far, my favorite line: “You are the most beautiful ugly man I have ever seen.” <3


Watched it online months ago. Love PC and AB, but glad i didn’t pay for the movie.


this has been out for a few months on DVD in Canada, if anyone wants to rent it. was it not given a wider release on DVD?

Dorian Tenore-Bartilucci

Can’t wait until June! Great line: “You are the most beautiful ugly man I’ve ever seen.” (Not that I agree about the “ugly” part, but it’s still a great line! :-))

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