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Amazing Photos Of Polanski and Cast at “Carnage” Wrap Party

Amazing Photos Of Polanski and Cast at "Carnage" Wrap Party

Now this is a wrap party you want to be a fly on the wall at. Roman Polanski’s “Carnage” – starring a ridiculously strong cast in Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly, Christoph Waltz and Jodie Foster (in the most promising role she’s had in well over a decade) – finished principal photography, and the cast joined Roman for some endlessly captionable photo opps (I love the way Jodie is oogling Kate in the first one while the rest of them look to Roman in a variety of curious ways).

via AwardsDaily

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i have heard about the play..
but seriously dieing to c kate again on screen..

Out of all of Christoph’s post Inglourious Basterds films, this is what I am most looking forward to. Great cast and they have a lot of chemistry.

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