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Baz Luhrmann Says He’s Not Making ‘The Great Gatsby’ “Right Now,” Is Still Doing Extensive Research

Baz Luhrmann Says He's Not Making 'The Great Gatsby' "Right Now," Is Still Doing Extensive Research

OK, this caginess was cute, but now it’s getting sort of irritating. In development for a long time now, everything seemed hunky dory when it was revealed last month that Baz Luhrmann was going to make “The Great Gatsby,” and filming was going to start in August in Australia. Well, you can put a big MAYBE stamp on it for now.

In an interview with Vulture, the director once again plays it coy about his plans for the movie, revealing it will be his next movie but that he’s not shooting it just yet. “I’m not doing ‘Gatsby’ right now….Because despite what might be out there, I have made no comment about anything. So until I say it, it’s not said, you know,” Luhrmann said, pouring a bunch of cold water on recent reports.

Asked to elaborate, Luhrmann added, “What it means is, much like what goes on in any event, when you’re in the middle of the work, there’s all sorts of things you’re doing, and, you know, when I’m really clear — I, right now, my only focus is absorbing — I’ve been studying Fitzgerald now for three years, and my only act now is to absorb the DNA of his world, his life, the world of the novel. That’s why I have published on our website all the books we’re reading. And I think before we all engage anyone, the first thing to do is to do your homework, read the books, and then let’s talk.”

Asked about whether or not it will be in 3D he said, “I’m in the middle of my own foolish-to-be-talking-about-anything-in-any-regard stage, before you truly have something to express. I’m in the middle of my own moment and my team’s, and I’m just building culture. Building creative culture.” Asked directly if previously reported casting and locations were accurate, Luhrmann said, “That would be a really clever way of getting a confirmation or a denial, and I commend you highly!”

Ugh. We’re just gonna assume everything is happening as planned and that Luhrmann, somewhat wisely, doesn’t want to say too much (or anything) until everything is locked and loaded. There is still a long way to go until August and we presume Luhrmann is still figuring out the details of how he’ll tackle one of the giants of American literature — and whether or not he’ll go the 3D route. You can expect him to remain evasive until this thing is actually shooting, but at the very least, you know he’s doing everything he can to get it right.

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Mike Lambert

Luhrmann’s films are lush and camp headaches. The Great Gatsby is a beautiful novel and my heart sank when I heard that he was interested in filming it. I hope it doesn’t happen, I really do, for Daisy Buchanan’s sake.


I cannot watch or read Baz Luhrmann’s interviews because he is extremely annoying ( I had to stop reading this piece ). This man is beyond impressed with himself, and he truly enjoys hearing himself talk ad nauseam about nonsense . His enormous EGO is laughable. I remember seeing Nicole Kidman on Oprah putting her hand over Baz’s mouth because he couldn’t keep his trap shut- he can’t help it.

Scarily, Luhrmann actually believes he is highly intelligent , well-spoken, and very talented. But , Baz fails to realize , that he continues to prove that he is just deeply insecure , desperate, and clueless.

jeremy henderson

“everything he can to get it right”. Oh, right, you mean like “Australia”. He really got that right, didn’t he? Amazing how he gets the money. Truly amazing.


Advice: Recast Tobey McGuire. Please.I don’t care he’s Leo bff. He is NOT Nick.


Well, if true, that´s comforting in tiring times, because I´d hate to see a scissor/psycho-color/crazy like Baz Luhrmann kill the story of Gatsby. He has no sense of story. It´s all wild color and crazy cutting signifing nothing.

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