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Breaking Dawn Will Not Be First R-Rated Twilight Movie, Summit Confirms

Breaking Dawn Will Not Be First R-Rated Twilight Movie, Summit Confirms

Thompson on Hollywood

During his promotional rounds for Water for Elephants, E.W. and Vanity Fair cover-boy Rob Pattinson talks about life beyond Twilight — “I literally feel like we’ve been doing it my whole life” he says, and the upcoming Breaking Dawn movies.

Bizarre things happen in the two films, including a half-vampire baby’s horrid birth. Pattinson says: “There’s some interesting and weird stuff going on—really very, very, very strange. It’s great. For a big mainstream movie, it’s the most obscure story line and really outside the box. It’s a horror movie. I’ve seen a few bits, and I just can’t see how it’s going to be PG-13… unless they cut everything out!”

Rest assured, everyone. An R-rating will never happen, confirms a Summit spokeswoman: “Breaking Dawn will be a PG-13. It will not be rated R.”

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breaking dawn should be rated pg or m it ain't that bad anyway


this is messed up. i saw movie 1,2 and 3 but now i cant. why did u do it?WHY!!!???????? im peed off. it should n’ will be rated R. its violent,and gross also it shows Bella giving birth.


I’ve read all the books and I have to say that this movie is going to have to be a rated R movie; there is just too much insanity and too much gore especially with the birth of the baby 1/2 vampire 1/2 human to make this a PG-13. If the kids really want to see this movie, it’s up to the individual parents to decide if it’s okay to take them. JMO


I think that Breaking Dawn should be rated R, I’m 14 and I read the book a year ago, if they’re going to cut everything out of the movie, whoever else that’s my age and that has read the book will say that the movie will absolutely suck. My mom will take me to see it if it’s rated R anyway, so I’m anxious to see what they do.


why do, people say its just a joke when its really rated r that sucks ass i love the series so the book has just one very bad partbut its still part of becoming a vampire. so please dont make it rated r make it be PG 14 thank you your biggest fan stacy


I’m HAPPY that it’s rated (maybe) pg13!! cause now Im ABLE to see it! u ppl who r like 30-40 need 2 think bout ppl MY age i mean GOSH!! i want 2 c breaking dawn!! :D


Are children actually reading the Twilight books? Are children fans of the Twilight movies? I thought children had much more sense than that.


I read the book and no way is this movie PG13. I wouldn’t let my children see what is going to happen in this movie. If they want to cut out a big part of the movie, then it could have that rating. I read the book twice and it was a very interesting story, but definately not for children!


Oh, they’ll cut everything out, alrighty. No doubt about that. Maybe there’ll be some crazy director’s cut on the DVDs?


Interesting. Somehow I don’t see this! Maybe they will show only the end credits?


“It’s a horror movie.”

No, it’s not.

Well, perhaps it is, but not in the way this article has implied. ;)

Old Fart

This just in: BREAKING WIND will be the first R-rated TWILIGHT movie.


This gives them the chance to release an additional, “Uncut” version on DVD, for tweens who are hardcore enough.


Rest Assured!! Are you kidding! we want a RATED R FILM WITH BD! That would be kick as*! And yeah… of course Summit will pander too there tween fan base.


Forget the latest Twilight disaster. What is up with that cover? EW took a picture of Ken and Barbie and photoshopped Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson on top.

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