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Casting Watch: Hunger Games Eyes Oscar Nominees Lawrence, Steinfeld, Breslin; Diane Lane is Supermom

Casting Watch: Hunger Games Eyes Oscar Nominees Lawrence, Steinfeld, Breslin; Diane Lane is Supermom

Thompson on Hollywood

The Hunger Games is eyeing Jennifer Lawrence (interview), Hailee Steinfeld (interview) and Abigail Breslin for the series’ leading lady, 16-year old Katniss Everdeen.

In Suzanne Collins’ books, the character is dark-haired, olive-skinned and grey-eyed. It appears director Gary Ross is open to changing the character to fit whichever actress can carry the franchise. The fact that these three actresses are all up for the same part reads as hype-mongering du jour. Of these three, Lawrence is a significantly older (she’s 20), sexier and blonder take on the teenage girl who volunteers to compete in a gladiator-style fight to the death (and according to LaineyGossip she’s “generated the most interest”). Should they go young, Steinfeld and Breslin each have an Oscar nomination (as does Lawrence), but Steinfeld has grit and momentum on her side. The Hunger Games is slated for a March 2012 release, at which time both Breslin and Steinfeld will be fifteen. Lawrence too old? Steinfeld and Breslin too young? Who would you want to see, and do you care? Vote below: free polls
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Thompson on Hollywood

Diane Lane will play Clark Kent’s mom, Martha Kent, in the Warners Bro./Legendary Pictures reboot of Superman: Man of Steel alongside Henry Cavill.

Director Zack Snyder stated: “This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman. We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination.” It’s rare that a wise mother figure can also serve as the male demographic’s eye candy, but that’s exactly what Lane can do along with Cavill’s yet-to-be-cast love interest. Check out our Secretariat interview with the popular and well-spoken Lane.

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I wonder if these producers had discovered Hailee Steinfeld, if we’d be having this discussion. Producers, the Coens might have discovered her but you will really make her a star. She was born to play Katniss! Jennifer Lawrence is too old, too curvy. If she looks this old now, how will she look by the third movie? Katniss is only 17 by the end of the books.


I saw the Hunger Games casting topic on another site today, and my answer for the role is Ellen Wong, Scott’s young highschool girlfriend, Knives, in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. If you’re hiring someone for an action adventure fantasy, isn’t it important that you know they can already do that particular kind of demanding physical acting?

Wong won over audiences with her Scott Pilgrim role – audiences more in the target range of Hunger Games viewers, who aren’t going to see True Grit or Winter’s Bone. It’d also be appealing to have a non-white actress in the role.

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