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Channing Tatum & Billy Ray Team For ‘Peter Pan Begins’

Channing Tatum & Billy Ray Team For 'Peter Pan Begins'

Have you been itching for an origin story about Peter Pan? No? Well here comes one anyway.

THR reports that “Peter Pan Begins” is a project that has the unlikely trio of Channing Tatum, screenwriter Billy Ray (“Shattered Glass,” “Breach“) and producer Joe Roth behind it and it’s now making its way into the conference rooms and boardrooms of studios around town hoping to attract a buyer. Roth knows a thing or two about making gold out of this kind of project — he’s the producer behind the billion-dollar success of “Alice In Wonderland” and has similarly minded projects “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “Oz The Great And Powerful” on the way as well. And as a genre, Hollywood thinks they have a new trend on their hands with films like “Red Riding Hood” and “Jack The Giant Killer” on the way, updating familiar tales for modern audiences (ie. sexed up with more action).

Other than that, not much else is known about the film. Will the bulky Tatum become the kid who never grew up? We’d be surprised and we hope this is just something the savvier-than-most-people-give-him-credit-for thesp is just producing under his 33andOut banner. That said, the premise and project is likely an attractive one for studios and if the price tag is right, we could see movement happening pretty quickly.

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Maybe he’ll play an ebonics speaking Captain Hook?


I think the Peter Pan mythos is a gold mine for all sorts of stories, and the origin of Peter Pan is rather sad and haunting (it can be culled from different sources of Barrie’s). However, I don’t think a good movie has ever been made from any of it. I always wanted to see a semi-dark version, kind of like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys meets Lord of the Flies in tone. It would be interesting to see what Christoper Nolan could do with that.

This particular project could have some promise if done right. Hopefully Tatum is just the producer.


How the hell does Channing Tatum keep getting work?!?!?!

Kevin Klawitter

Don’t forget “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”!

but really, this is the most bizarre movie development news I’ve seen in quite a whiel.

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