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D.J. Caruso Says Chris Pine, Shia LaBeouf & Alex Pettyfer All Interested In Roles For ‘Preacher’

D.J. Caruso Says Chris Pine, Shia LaBeouf & Alex Pettyfer All Interested In Roles For 'Preacher'

It was only a matter of time after director D.J. Caruso closed the deal to direct the long-gesting comic adaptation “Preacher” last month that casting rumors would begin to surface, but who would’ve guessed they would be coming from the director himself.

Doing the press rounds in France where “I Am Number Four” will be opening next month, Caruso spilled on potential and apparently interested leads for the film telling Cloneweb (via /Film) Chris Pine, Shia LaBeouf and Alex Pettyfer are interested in the roles of Jesse, Arseface and the Saint Of Killers respectively.

But, let’s just caution this for a minute. The project is still in early stages with John August still working on the script, so this one is not quite ready for cameras. Not to mention that Pine has “Star Trek 2” likely to take his time for the rest of the year, and LaBeouf and Pettyfer are circling their own/getting offered other projects as well. So, don’t get too upset just yet “Preacher” fans.

Based on the comic book series created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the story follows a possessed Texas preacher who teams up with a vampire on a quest to find God and hold him accountable for his negligence. Caruso realizes how thorny the potential subject could be and praises the studio for backing the picture saying, “It is a crazy road trip and I think what’s amazing and what makes Sony so brave is they can see there’s a real universality to the story when you have good vs. evil. I think when you have these crazy characters, that are not necessarily politically correct, there’s something generally attractive to those characters and those elements. But at the end of the day it really is a story about good vs. evil and the decisions that you make. Whether the demons are going to win or whether the Genesis or the good inside of Jesse is going to be there. So I think there’s a great universality that makes the movie commercial but at the same time it’s one of those that will shock you.”

As far as spilling on future projects at junkets go, Caruso breaks all the records. We’re surprised how long he went on about the film, but clearly it’s a project he’s very excited about. You can watch the full interview below.

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The only problem with casting Alex Fairlypretty in the role of Saint of Killers is that the Saint of Killers isn’t supposed to have a vagina. That and he’s not supposed to be 14 years old. Hopefully the filmmakers will see this.


I want to hear what Garth Ennis has to say about this adaptation. If anyone should be concerned, it should be him.
Maybe he should be one to consult about casting the right actors for the proper roles.
As for the choices. Pine is a decent choice. Shia as Arseface is not bad. The good thing is he’ll be in heavy make-up, and it shouldn’t be too hard to play an asshole. Or at least for Shia.
I’m on the “We Hate Alex Pettyfer” train here. Terrible choice, horrible actor.
I just wish DJ wasn’t doing this.

On subject with the interview, they think comic books and graphic novels are different. To a certain degree they are. But in most cases, it’s just a collection of issues in their particular story ark.


wow, is this movie actually happening?

As a big preacher fan – I read this and hated it, but thought about it and maybe casting these guys doesn’t sound too bad.

I obviously haven’t seen “I am Number 4” or “Beastly’ so I’m not gonna hate on that Pettyfer guy, seems a little young but really – give him long hair, a hat and some guns, and I’m sure he can scowl and shoot people. I’m more concerned with how they handle Jesse.


I can definately see Chris Pine and maybe Shia. But Alex ? Hollywood really want this guy to get over with the audience.

Kevin Jagernauth

Really glad someone appreciated that Shia pic. It’s my new go-to Labeef photo.


thank you for using that shia picture twice today. made being at work on st pats half bearable.

and no on all things pettyfer. yuck.


Pettyfer fo the saint of killers??? No no no please don’t do this to the Preacher, Jesus Christ !


I can maybe picture Chris Pine and Shia as Jesse and Arseface but Alex Pettyfer is about as wrong a choice for the Saint of Killers as you can possibly get

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