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David Fincher Eyed To Direct ‘Cleopatra’ With Angelina Jolie

David Fincher Eyed To Direct 'Cleopatra' With Angelina Jolie

There is no doubt that Sony and producer Scott Rudin want big things out of the gestating “Cleopatra.” With James Cameron previously sought and Paul Greengrass recently sniffing around (before opting for “Memphis“), the filmmakers have now taken the project to another very high profile name.

Deadline reports that conversations have started between Sony, Scott Rudin and David Fincher for the director to take the helm of pic that has Angelina Jolie attached to star. Based on Stacy Schiff‘s “Cleopatra: A Life,” the script by Brian Helgeland is said to be solid, and unlike the infamous 1963 film with Elizabeth Taylor, this film will be from a distinctly female perspective, delving into the many facets of the historical figure as warrior, strategist, politician and yes, seductress. But there are a lot of question marks to be answered before Fincher signs on the dotted line.

He’s going to be tied up for the rest of the year finishing up the highly anticipated “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and unless something has gone terribly wrong, all signs point to it being a hit. The question now is — will Fincher return to helm the sequel “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and how soon will Sony want that film in front of cameras? Will Fincher want to return this world again or take on a new project? And will he be comfortable handing off the franchise to someone else to do “Cleopatra”? And both “Cleopatra” and “The Girl Who Played With Fire,” are Scott Rudin and Sony films, so all parties will have essentially decide together what they want to make first.

The Social Network” slayed at the box office and bowled over critics making the Fincher relationship with Rudin and Sony very, very good. “Cleopatra” will undoubtedly be a very expensive picture to mount, but with the tremendous faith they already have in the helmer he should be able to command pretty much anything he wants for the pic. However, he is also attached to make “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” for Disney. Will they offer the same kind of blank check, hands-off approach Sony would give him? Again, it’s unclear and Fincher is certainly not a director who does well with studio interference. Finally, Jolie is a picky actress when it comes to directors. Will she gel well with Fincher who is known for being demanding with this actors and for his endless takes?

Lots and lots of little questions pepper this story and as Deadline notes, it’s a big project knocking around with more than a few directors wanting to throw their hat in the ring. So consider this very early at this point and don’t be surprised if more names crop up in the coming weeks.

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Samuel Bayer actually directed that Rolling Stones video. Fincher did the “Love Is Strong” video with the giant people running around NYC in black & white.


I hope this gets made. I would love to see David direct it. He is an excellent director and I think Angelina will be wonderful. I agree though with another person who just posted that she should gain a bit of weight just because she is so thin and maybe get a good tan. lol

I want more historical biopics to be madeand I want a good film on Cleopatra.


Brad Pitt and Fincher are friends. He has done three films with him and I think it would be great if David directed Cleopatra and Angelina can handle it even if David is tough. But I hope it gets made because since you said “this film will be from a distinctly female perspective, delving into the many facets of the historical figure as warrior, strategist, politician and yes, seductress” That sounds excellent!

Angelina Jolie will be excellent as long as she doesnt do a weird accent. And I dont care that she is white but I do hope if she does it she will gain some weight.

Please Make this film David and Angelina. PLEASE!


I think you misunderstand what Ruffalo said completely.
In the interview I read, Jodie Foster gushed about him. But you might be right. Still, abrasive is not the word for that.


i hope Jolie will work her awful accent after ALEXANDER


@ari: Robert Downey Jr said working with Fincher is like a gulag or Mark Ruffalo said he prayed to be fired by Fincher during ZODIAC’s filming set or Jodie Foster said it was hard to be spontaneous after 70 takes and Fincher didn’t understand it

on the movie,they know each other, Fincher is the best friend of Angelina Jolie’s partner


Fincher and Jolie also worked together on the music video for “Anybody Seen My Baby?” by the Rolling Stones.


Fincher and Jolie have already worked together in the past. She was in a commercial he did while at Propaganda Films.

Also, I’m sure Brad Pitt has a little sway here too.


Angelina’s boyfriend Brad is a friend with David, isn’t that true?


Since it’s all in the family, if Rudin and Sony want it to happen after TGWTDT, it will happen. And it’s doubtful that Fincher would want to jump into the sequel right away anyway. The only key questions probably relate to 3D and whether they’ll still shoot it in Egypt as earlier reported–insurance premiums for the region have likely dramatically spiked. Since Angelina visited Brad on the set of TCCOBB, she knows what to expect and is probably excited to work with Fincher. James Cameron might have been another story.


“Fincher who is known—at best—for being abrasive with this actors”
where do you get your information? Jake Gyllenhaal aside, I’ve heard nothing but praise for Fincher from his actors.


Jolie will be fine with Fincher. She’s a big star and her fella Brad is good pals with him, don’t forget.

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