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David Yates Eyed For Al Capone Pic ‘Cicero’

David Yates Eyed For Al Capone Pic 'Cicero'

Warner Bros. has a thing for crime pics and it’s easy to see why. They got Oscar gold for “The Departed” and Ben Affleck‘s “The Town” was a surprising smash hit at the box office so no wonder they want to feed audience hunger for pics focusing on the seedy criminal underbelly. Ruben Fleischer‘s “Tales From The Gangster Squad” is already heating up with offers out to Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling and now another gangland pic is building steam.

Cicero” was a project picked up last fall by the studio and it’s pretty clear why it got the studio’s attention. Written by Walon Green (“The Wild Bunch,” “Sorcerer,” “The Brink’s Job“), and said to be in the vein of classic gangster pics like “The Public Enemy,” “Little Caesar” and “Angels With Dirty Faces,” the story focuses on Al Capone’s rise to power moving from the slums of Brooklyn to the top of the food chain in prohibition-era Chicago. A pretty great story, but the first name being mentioned to potentially direct is a bit of a surprise.

David Yates, who has spent the last few years toiling away on the ‘Harry Potter‘ franchise is being mentioned as a possible director with the film to be his his post ‘Deathly Hallows‘ project. Of course, it’s way early in the game but WB has clearly been very happy working with Yates on their lucrative franchise and now it looks like they want to reward him with a top tier pic.

But it’s early days and nothing has been signed just yet, but if you haven’t seen those classic gangster pics mentioned above, track ’em down. [Variety/Deadline]

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David Yates just puts random parts from the book into the film and hopes it works. The Yates films have some of the most unimaginative camerawork I’ve ever seen in a fantasy film.

Lydia Roberts

I thought that this story would be told in The Untouchables: Capone Rising.

Gerry George

Having presumably seen the last of Harry Potter, David Yates – probably one of the best *young* directors we have in the industry today, on both sides of the Atlantic – is now hotly-tipped to direct a biopic about the infamous organised crime boss, Al Capone.

In hailing this decision, perhaps it’s not inappropriate to parody the prophetic words of another pre-war icon and yet another Warner Bros blue-chip property – that of Al Jolson, the world’s greatest entertainer, who actually did command performances for Capone and his entourage – and say of David Yates’s spell-binding WB career, so far: *Folks, you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet !*


Sounds good. Yates is pretty underrated in my opinion, doing some great work with the material he’s been given. Also, his TV projects, Girl in the Cafe and State of Play, are aces.

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