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Director’s Cut Of ‘Sucker Punch’ 18 Minutes Longer, Will Feature Full Musical Number

Director's Cut Of 'Sucker Punch' 18 Minutes Longer, Will Feature Full Musical Number

Sucker Punch” opens tomorrow, and reviews are beginning to trickle out this morning. While you’ll have to wait a bit for our full assessment we’ll say this: we agree with the general consensus out there. But for better or worse, the film is a Zack Snyder fantasy writ very, very large but even he has to play by the rules. With the studio requiring a PG-13 rating for the film, it was inevitable that the helmer would have to make cuts to get it there. As Emily Browning recently revealed, a steamy scene between her and Jon Hamm got the axe for being too sensual, but it appears that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We caught up with Zack Snyder’s wife and his producing partner Deborah Snyder during press rounds for the film, and she revealed they had to make multiple edits to the film to get it squared away with ratings folks adding, that some big sequences didn’t make the theatrical version of the movie. “There’s 18 minutes of extra footage,” Deb Snyder said. “A lot of more battle sequences, a lot of content things — we had to go back to the MPAA like five times — we were able to put back. The biggest thing we took out of the film, in the credit sequence we have the [musical montage] of [Roxy Music‘s] “Love Is The Drug” (sung by Carla Gugino and Oscar Issac) and that was actually conceived as a glimpse of what life was like in the every day brothel world and the shows they put on. It was actually at the beginning of the movie in its entirety, but we took it out because when we put it in the film it just looked like the place was too much fun and there wasn’t enough jeopardy. It was really elaborate and beautiful and in the next sequence Baby Doll [Emily Browning] is crying to get out and [it didn’t work tonally].”

Speaking with Collider, Zack Snyder elaborates on how the tone was a difficult, but reveals that cut footage will be on the eventual director’s cut of the film. “They were just like, ‘It’s too creepy, it’s too dark,'” Zack said. “We cut a bunch of violence — on the BluRay there’s more action — [because] you can only kill so many guys [before] they go, ‘No, it’s rated R.’ Even if they’re robots or whatever, they’re not into it. There were a couple scenes that crossed the line for them, even if nothing happens in them. Just the tone was wrong.”

Also removed from the finished film are all the dance sequences that had been planned, but that can still be glimpsed in the film’s closing credit sequence. “…it’s something we really liked so we thought wow, we can use it in the end titles,” Deborah Snyder told us. “But so much work was put into it and the girls really loved it because they had to learn these big elaborate dance numbers that we felt like could live on in the extended cut.”

But before Snyder fans get too bummed out, there is plenty of spectacle in the movie so don’t worry about not getting enough bang, fishnets, robots and Nazi zombies for your hard earned buck. “Sucker Punch” opens tomorrow.

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This film is not just “eye candy”. Sure there are lots of kick arse actions scenes and CGI, but there is so much more to it than that, if you care to look.

My take of the plot is this, quick version; the film takes place in Sweetpea’s imagination, from start to end and is about her recovery from mental illness. The five main female characters represent different aspects of Sweetpea’s personality.

Firstly the death of the child represents the loss of her sanity/last grip on reality. The asylum represents Sweetpea’s admittance, to herself, that she has mental problems, the first step to recovery. The bordello represents the sexual abuse of her step father which she must face. The “dances”/action sequences are exactly what they seem, her battling her demons and taking control from chaos and fear.

As for the charges of misogyny, they are completely groundless. There is more than enough opportunity for Snyder to show some gratuitous sex scenes, but there are no sexy dances in the bordello, neither lap or pole, not even skimpy costumes there. The action sequences have no “money shots” of butts or cleavage, no pouting come ons, no spangley costumes and though the leaping around causes the occasional flash of crotch, these women are not wearing thongs, lingerie or white panties. In fact you are given no doubt that if you treat them as weak, playthings you will suffer the consequences.

Snyder does play with misogynist imagery, but they are not exploitative, they put the viewer in the same position as the creepy bad guys, challenging them rather than titillating.

LMFAO At Haters

I love the people who tried to defend this movie because it really was an amazing movie. People who didn’t like it are just, as others have said, either band-wagoners or have no imagination whatsoever and can’t think at all. To me, this was the best film I’ve ever seen and I only saw the Extended Cut version. So trust me, if you’ve only seen the Theatrical version without the deleted scenes and are a bit confused about the ending, then I highly suggest you watch the Extended cut somehow. The High Roller scene in that completed the movie for me. So as I’ve said before, haters either have no imagination or can’t think at all and this movie is the best movie I’ve ever seen.


If someone could actually explain to me what they’re coming away with when they “read between the lines” of this movie, I would really appreciate it. I’d like to know just what exactly went over my head.

Because personally, ‘symbolism’ and ‘satire’ can only take you so far in a movie that, when you get right down to it, didn’t even happen. But that could just be me being juvenile.

Evil The Cat

It took almost two hours for that stupid movie to say “you can do anything you can imagine’.

I just did it in less than 30 seconds.

Lizzy C

This is really ridiculous. There’s so much bashing on this movie that originally, I was apprehensive about watching it. But it really is a good movie, despite the MPAA’s butchering. I can’t wait for the director’s cut, maybe it’ll make some of these less vicious critic’s think twice, not to mention redeem its edited theatre version to fans. As for the worst of them – you have a right to your opinion, but I think it’s a damn shame that you’re pretty much ruining this movie for those who haven’t gotten the chance to watch it yet.


i loved this movie. upon finish i (as per usual) I listed all the things that could have made it better – actual dancing, for one – instead of sequence replacement. anyway, all the missing stuff i wanted to see was actually cut from the film to chase “PG13” (read “gay”). mark my words…after the directors cut this will be a cult classic. i’ll wager life savings.


I agree that it seems this film is going over people’s heads, or they are getting angry because they didn’t understand the dream series since it wasn’t explained to them as easy as Inception, or because they are jumping on the bandwagon. I absolutely hated Michael Bay’s Transformers 1 and 2, and those two films were horrendous. This film is a much better film on all levels. The acting, the cinematogrpahy, the action. A must see. If you are skeptical, why go to the IMAX version when the regular size version is cheaper and possibly better? I watched the film on a regular sized screen and it was very enjoyable.


I really enjoyed the film. The story did seem to be missing a little, but that may be studio interference. I’m excited about the Director’s cut of this film. This film had awesome action, amazing cinematography, the sound and music were entertaining, and I was into the film about 90% of the time. Just one or two slightly boring parts. My only gripe was the slight lack of scenes in the real world, in the asylum. Great work, Zack. Definitely look forward to the Blu-ray.

Steve Bulla

I love how so many people seemed to miss the point and message of the movie (of which their were several). Those who dismiss it as juvenile or childish have:

1. No imagination
2. No ability to “read between the lines”
3. No grasp on the concepts of irony or satire

I thought it was a good film, but I could tell that it had been trimmed and chopped pretty heavily. Damn shame, and I am looking forward to the director’s cut.

Mike Sorge

Some of these comments (and negative reviews) really make me laugh…

It seems that some people like to trash a very well-done film they may not fully grasp, and like to jump on the “SUCKER PUNCH sucked!” bandwagon!

Sure, the story could’ve been a little more evolved and extended, but when the questionable MPAA and forcing a PG-13 rating gets in the way of that, what do you really expect from a film such as this?

Trust me, the Director’s Cut Blu-ray and DVD footage will add more quality into this partially-doomed-from-the-beginning film, and then it shall be judged for what it truly is!

Sometimes it seems like people think it a sin to make a film that’s never really been done before… What did you expect from a film with the tagline “You Will Be Unprepared”?… That line fits so perfect after some of the abysmal ratings I’ve seen!

Thanks a lot for reading,

Oliver Lyttelton

I hope there’s also an Audience’s Cut, which cuts 109 minutes from the film.

Katie Walsh

Zack Snyder has a WIFE?! That helped him MAKE this 14 year old boy’s soggy wet dream videogame fetish nightmare?


Really curious to see if Snyder can pull off an original idea.


Highly doubt a Director’s Extended Cut release will make any difference in making this movie any better. Not taking away from Snyder’s skill as a technical director, but not pay $15 to sit in a theater to watch eye candy. I prefer quality over quantity.

Mike D

sounds like a cross of Southland Tales and Lovely Bones that actually works somehow.

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