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Exclusive: Emma Roberts Attached To ‘Adult World’

Exclusive: Emma Roberts Attached To 'Adult World'

Emma Roberts has been coming on strong over the past year or so, featuring in a number of indie films including “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” “What’s Wrong With Virginia” and more recently in the Sundance premiere “Homework.” And with “Scream 4” headed to theaters very soon, the actress is lining up another promising project.

Reps for the actress have confirmed with The Playlist that Emma Roberts is attached to star in the coming-of-age drama “Adult World.” Set to be directed by Scott Coffey (“Ellie Parker“), who also oversaw the rewrite of the script by Andrew Cochran, Roberts will play a Stanford grad with dreams of becoming poet who gets stuck working in a mom-and-pop bookstore.

We’ve been hearing that offers are out for a male counterpart as well as one older character, but no one has been cast just yet. Updated: We didn’t feel quite comfortable naming unconfirmed names, but others aren’t so shy. Anne Thompson has heard what pretty much everyone else has heard. Offers are out to Zach Galifianakis and we’re also hearing “Red Riding Hood” star Shiloh Fernandez, but offers are just offers, so don’t bank on them being in the film for now.

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Tim Parker

Have a general question for anyone–noticed lately a lot of people commenting on scripts of upcoming films, wondering how people get their hands on these scripts, what is the website? I’ve only been able to find scripts of movies that already came out, like just transcripts basically
Maybe a dumb question, but I’d just be interested in reading some scripts

Aly G

that script is hysterical. glad its getting made


emma roberts is super talented and ellie parker is one of the greats of micro-budget filmmaking. great combo. what kind of budget?

reese mm

I loved Ellie Parker. This sounds cool

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