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EXCLUSIVE: Immersive Thrill Ride Human Flight 3D Opens September 30 Nationwide

EXCLUSIVE: Immersive Thrill Ride Human Flight 3D Opens September 30 Nationwide

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The film industry’s latest technological innovation–portable 3-D cameras– will take moviegoers on an immersive aerial thrill ride, promises Northern Lights Entertainment chief Carl Samson, who will open Human Flight 3D nationally on September 30, followed by a worldwide release. Northern Lights will preview footage from the movie in 3-D at the CinemaCon exhibitor convention this week in Las Vegas.

Producer Samson, who co-directed Human Flight 3D with the film’s writer, reality-show veteran John Feist (Survivor, Eco-Challenge), is also the creator of global IMAX hit Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia 3D. The independently-financed Human Flight 3D is inspired by the true story of the Red Bull Air Force, the bold precision skydiving team, who play themselves in the movie. Partially fictionalized, the film draws directly on the personalities and experiences of the athletes as they pursue human flight. Samson developed custom cameras to capture this live action for the first time in 3-D, light enough to be strapped to a skydiving camera operator and strong enough to undergo plunges of over 150 miles an hour.

See a short doc on the making of Human Flight below.

The Red Bull team is known for their exploits as skydivers and B.A.S.E. jumpers, an acronym for the four types of precarious sites they leap from: buildings, antennae, spans (bridges), and earth (cliffs). In Human Flight 3D they perform “Wingsuit Proximity Flying” wearing “squirrel suits” and flying over 120 MPH–just yards away from craggy mountainsides as subtle adjustments of their bodies over the airflow keep them in flight.

Samson has worked for several years with a team of 3-D experts to develop the custom cameras, filming and post-production process necessary to bring Human Flight into being. Northern Lights has brought in ex-MGM distribution exec Jim Orr to oversee the film’s theatrical release, who will pursue both traditional creative advertising and publicity campaigns as well as guerilla marketing and a new media strategy, to be coordinated by Magnet Media.

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Who is the girl reporter????


I desperately want to see this at the IMAX, and then own it on BluRay. How long is the feature?

William Reeve CSC

The producer owes, and refuses to pay, millions of dollars of unpaid invoices to the people and companies that made this movie possible. While watching and enjoying this movie think about the title “Con Artist” and industry professionals struggling for income to feed their families… enough said.


Well that’s kinda stupid,, this film was supposed to be the bridge the mainstream to showcase the leading edge of the sport and whats going on, but now the footage is all 4 years old, in a sport that is leading edge and artistically changing every time we take flight. this movie is already out dated, compared to whats going on today!

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