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First Look At Old Timey Shia LaBeouf In John Hillcoat’s ‘The Wettest County’

First Look At Old Timey Shia LaBeouf In John Hillcoat's 'The Wettest County'

At this point, we shouldn’t have to explain to you why John Hillcoat‘s “The Wettest County” is already one of our most anticipated films of next year. We’re just glad it’s happening at all especially after it fell apart early last year just as lensing was about to begin. And now courtesy of fansite Shiantology (via /Film) we have concrete proof that yes, sweet Jesus, this thing is really happening.

Starring Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, Gary Oldman, Guy Peace, Mia Wasikowska, Jason Clarke and Dane DeHaan, the film is an adaptation of Matt Bondurant‘s novel, “The Wettest County” and follows the story of a trio of brothers (LaBeouf, Hardy, Clarke) who run a bootlegging gang during Prohibition but find their moonshine dynasty in Franklin County, Virginia threatened by the authorities wanting a cut. Chastain plays Hardy’s love interest Maggie, while Wasikowska will hang off the arm of LaBeouf. Pearce is lined up in the role of a violent deputy with the brothers in his sights while Oldman will play the gangster who employs the boys.

And if that isn’t enough to tickle your taste buds, Nick Cave not only wrote the screenplay, but will be scoring the film. Game, set, match.

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Tom Hardy will be the star of this film, just wait and see.


Hillcoat — if you read this — Ron Bollman wants his boots back!


This is so bizarre for me- Matt Bondurant, the writer, was a lit professor after his book came out when I was doing my English degree right. Now the movie is one of the most “anticipated films of next year.”
Every time you guys mention it, I do a double-take.


Shia is good.


I hate LaBeouf so much, it really bums me out that he’s the star on this. I love Hillcoat and the rest of the cast is awesome though.

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