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Franco & Hathaway: Were They Really That Bad?

Franco & Hathaway: Were They Really That Bad?

Anticipation quickly turned to disappointment last night as bloggers and Tweeters swiftly dissed Anne Hathaway and James Franco’s turn as Oscar night’s MC’s. More than 24 hours later, I don’t actually remember much of the show. It was loud at the Oscar watching party, hard to hear and the picture was fuzzy at times.

In photos from last night (see more after the jump), it doesn’t seem so bad. I mean, the costume changes alone!

Days, months or years from now, we’ll have a bunch of photos to trigger memories of the night. Things won’t seem all that disastrous.

I just don’t think I should watch a replay or clips on YouTube.

Photos by Michael Yada and Richard Harbaugh / ©A.M.P.A.S.

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I thought it was one of the better produced and directed shows I’ve seen (I’m old, so most of ’em).

Yes, the weakest part of the show were the hosts, but I agree, they had really poor material to work with. But they were interesting to watch as they tried to work with it and figure out what the other one was going to do with it.

Art direction and just how the whole show was put together really struck me comparing it to weaker years.

Eug, you need to get to some parties where the show is what everyone’s there to see, not each other! lol


The hosts weren’t that bad. They just had really poorly written material.


I did not see much of the Oscars myself, but everyone I talked to said the show was pretty boring. Personally, I don’t think it was Hathaway’s and Franco’s fault – it’s been like that every year…

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