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Gary Oldman Says Chris Nolan Keeping Ending Of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Out Of Production Script

Gary Oldman Says Chris Nolan Keeping Ending Of 'Dark Knight Rises' Out Of Production Script

As you might recall, the plot for “Inceptionleaked almost a whole year before it hit theaters. And while most sites keep that on the down low, as much for their own benefit of not spoiling the movie for themselves as anything else, Christopher Nolan is doing his best this time around to make sure that nonsense doesn’t happen again.

Absolute Radio (via /Film) caught up with Gary Oldman at the Jameson Empire Awards and he revealed that even reading the script for “The Dark Knight Rises” requires CIA-level type security. “To get into the production office, you have to have someone meet you and there are keys and various doors that lock. The script you read in the production office, and there is no ending because [Nolan] tells you the ending so that it doesn’t leak and get out, and people spoil it on the internet,” the actor revealed.

This little bit of info should hopefully put to rest any rumors that the very fake “The Dark Knight Rises” script that is floating around out there — clearly made by someone with way too much time on their hands — has nothing to do with the film. And it also throws into question the many rumors leaking out about the villains and storyline. It seems that Nolan is making sure he knows every person who has access to the script, and it also should be considered that his team is one he’s kept around him for a while and respect his wishes to keep details close to the chest.

It looks like everyone will need to exercise some patience for now. “The Dark Knight Rises” hits on July 20, 2012.

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John Weddell

And who would care about what the exact, precise ending was if the rest of the damn thing leaked out? Wouldn’t knowing the rest of the movie be spoiler enough?

The Playlist

They did. It’s like 120-something I think. It’s terrible. The same person who emailed it out emailed fake casting information that a certain film blog that got a lot of fake Batman casting wrong decided to publish — think female ladies that were reported that never came to be — and given the awfulness of the script… well, you get the gist I hope.

rocco siffredi

someone wrote a fake ‘dark knight rises’ script?? wow, how many pages? that is pathetically sad.


it wouldn’t surprise me if he was telling each person a different ending so he’ll know who the leak was.


Yeah, it wasn’t the script that leaked out. It was a premise. They did a great job keeping the script under wraps.

Donny Walhls

c’mon now. The script for Inception didn’t leak a year before the release. The plot did. That’s a huge difference. That script as a whole was locked down tight till right around the film’s release.

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