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Geoffrey Rush To Voice Tomar-Re In ‘Green Lantern’

Geoffrey Rush To Voice Tomar-Re In 'Green Lantern'

Hal Jordan Will Not Stutter

If the buzz around “Green Lantern” is non-existent, don’t worry, because Warner Bros. is well aware of the problem. They recently admitted that the first trailer wasn’t so hot and conceded that the effects are taking much longer to lock down than they expected, hence the lack of whizzbangwow show-off footage as yet. The movie is racing to the finish line — a new trailer is expected to arrive in front of “Thor” with a big marketing push likely to follow — and director Martin Campbell is assembling his voice cast fairly late in the game.

Michael Clarke Duncan was recently revealed to be stepping in to voice Kilowog, and now another thesp will get his vocal cords going. Hero Complex reveals that Geoffrey Rush will give life to Tomar-Re, that weird looking, bird like creature you see up top.

The actor is just coming off his fourth Oscar nomination thank-you-very-much (he won in 1997 for “Shine“) and he’ll lend his prestige-filled pipes to the proceedings. In the comics Tomar-Re is part of the Green Lantern Corps who helps the newest Earthling member of the team learn to use his powers. We also presume that if Hal Jordan has a slight stutter, that will be fixed as well.

We’re still waiting to get excited about this one, but we’ll keep an open mind. “Green Lantern” puts on the power ring on June 17th.

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Colloidal Snake

The comic book film ground is kind of a mess as it is, PM.

DC’s focus toward animation and television prospects has left them with their pants around the ankles compared to Marvel, who moved out of the animation and TV mindset and started taking their films seriously once they managed to miraculously score hits with the likes of X-Men/etc.

It’s a catch-up game at this point, really. DC definitely has a host of good properties that could produce viable films but Marvel’s momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down enough for DC to snag a decent script (excluding Nolan-involved franchises) to get near the area the competition is.

Honestly, the more I think of it – the comic book film world has become what the actual comic book industry was back in the 90s.


Green Lantern Hal Jordan has always been one of my favourite DC characters. The universe in which the Green Lantern characters inhabit is truly epic and have so many possibilities.

I was deeply disappointed in the casting of Ryan Reynolds (just wrong in tone and appearance) and unfortunately, though I didn’t want it to be so, was very disappointed in the trailer. My worst fears came true – bad effects and playing up Ryan’s comic sensibilities for “mass appeal.” Hal Jordan this isn’t.

Now I’m hearing about cast changes left and right just a few months before the film’s release. I’m hoping against the odds that this film turns out great. But I’m doubtful.

DC Entertainment and WB need to get their act together. It feels like they have no franchise strategy and instead are throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks. These people don’t even understand the properties they own! DC films used to make Marvel’s look truly awful. Funny how things have changed.

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