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‘Hesher’ To Hit Theaters On May 13th; ‘The People Vs. George Lucas’ Picked Up By Wrekin Hill

'Hesher' To Hit Theaters On May 13th; 'The People Vs. George Lucas' Picked Up By Wrekin Hill

After first unspooling at the Sundance Film Festival way back in January 2010, Spencer Susser‘s “Hesher” is finally making its way to theaters. In press release announcing distributor Wrekin Hill‘s new partnership with the National Entertainment Collectibles Association came word of the release date for the film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson.

We saw the film at SXSW and were disappointed, finding its cloying indie-movie-ness (brown palette, jittery handheld, cheap set design) grating and clichéd. That said, we admired the ambition, and Gordon-Levitt playing an unwashed burnout should be enough to sell your ticket. It hits major markets on May 13th.

Meanwhile, Wrekin Hill and co. have also picked up “The People Vs. George Lucas.” Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, the documentary chronicles the relationship between George Lucas and his fans, as well as the pop culture spread his films have created. The film has been making the festival rounds for a while now and looks interesting, though spending a feature length movie with “Star Wars“/Lucas nerds could potentially be irritating as hell. Guess we’ll to have to see. No release date has been set, but it will hit theaters later this year.

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Sean C

That film looks too much like a suckup film for Lucas.

If they wanted to make a more interesting film, they woud make one called the Madness of George Lucas, as he has repeatedly squeezed every last element out of each and every franchise, so much so that they are now one dimensional, facades sans the great characters and fantastic world that they used to be.

I mean, he is making films that make the Star Wars Christmas special look good by comparison. And yet he expects us all to accept it.

The guy went from being inspired to make movies and films, such as Star Wars, Willow, Indiana Jones, American Graffiti, Labyrinth, founding companies that wanted to make great special effects and games with Industrial Light and magic and LucasArts, to just producing non inspired drivel.

It is heartbreaking to see someone go from being creatively rich to creatively bankrupt.

Dw Dunphy

A movie with George Lucas talking about George Lucas or a movie with Lucas Nerds talking about Lucas is like castration vs. just having them kicked back up inside.


@ Mark

I see your point, but remember that feedback from fans is not all that unusual in show business–in fact, feedback from the general audience is often sought prior to release in the form of test-screenings. Often this feedback is heeded in the hopes that these fans will continue to show up in large numbers at the movies.


I find it hilarious all these Star Wars nerds telling George Lucas how he should have made his pictures.

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