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Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Michelle Rodriguez

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Michelle Rodriguez

I love how this woman is able to talk about the roles women play in Hollywood because she doesn’t play them. She entered into the business in Girlfight and has been the action go to girl since then. She plays another action type character in the big budget Battle: Los Angeles opening Friday. Here’s what she told the NY Daily News said about the parts she plays:

When us chicks don’t remove our clothes and we don’t play the girlfriend, there are not a lot of roles out there…

But in a recent interview with Moveline she said she is done with all the action roles — unless she gets to play the lead — and is writing her own script, a comedy.

It’s interesting that she seems and feels pigeon holed in the action arena. There are not too many women who can say that for themselves.

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Carmen Vazquez

I LOVE Michelle Rodriguez!

The woman is capable, beautiful. tough. What more does anyone want?

Oh, and about the “talent” issue…..Can anyone tell me Jennifer Aniston is a better talent? Was Angelina Jolie making us breathless with her acting skillls as she raided all those tombs? Not to mention the slew of male actors with franchises under their belt that can’t act worth a lick.

Give me a break. Michelle doesn’t get a lead because she is beautiful and tough and Latina.


I think her star persona is quite refreshing, and breaks racist, stereotypical, Latina sex bombs characters usually played by Lopez, Hayek, and Penelope Cruz( even though her Europeanness makes her case less problematic). Rodriguez is most likely typecast, because she refuses to embody her supposed “exoticness.” However, it is extremely frustrating that she is always second fiddle to the male lead, and her characters are usually punished for their strength and physical prowess via death.


I think this is another example of how determined the culture of Hollywood is to keep the status quo. For me, it’s beside the point whether she can or can’t act. Can Statham act? Stallone? Schwarzenegger? Willis? Van Damme? Seagal? Walker or Diesel (her two male leads from Fast & Furious)?

I made that list on the long side, because I have heard arguments go both ways (depending on the male actor), but even if many decry their talent, it didn’t get in the way of them making big action films, and sometimes carrying long running franchises. Or they will give established actors, who have never done action, a chance to test their chops (ie. Adrian Brody). But in her you have someone with big budget action, as well as some tv indie experience, yet she still doesn’t get at least one starring action role to try on?

What I also find interesting is that the usual argument I hear (“women don’t look believable in those types of roles”) is a non-issue w/ her. So why not cast her?

I am beginning to think that this genre will not change, in regards to women, unless the majority of women embrace the genre and support it almost exclusively (similar to the Twilight franchise). That way women can star and not be the girlfriend who takes off her clothing.

And comedy and action can work well together. Eddie Murphy became a star because he fused comedy with action, and so have a lot of male actors in his wake. I can easily see her starring in a humorous, over the top buddy action film w/ another woman – (Sigourney, Zoe, Gina, Sandra, Regina, or Lucy just to name a few women who’ve done both action and comedy). And wouldn’t that be a nice progression from Thelma and Louise (now that I am thinking of female buddy flicks)…

Julie Kerr

I think what makes her so good in action films is that she certainly has a kick ass presence.

She does seem like a goofball in some of her interviews. So, I hope the comedy is funny and everything.


I love her. I think she CAN act and she was a welcome character on Lost that the writers completely wasted – as is the case with so many strong women characters.
She was the Admiral Cain of Lost, but where Cain met a logical and meaningful end, Ana Lucia was wasted. It was like the writers introduced this strong leader and then didn’t know where to go with her…so she was killed off.
I hope she does more action roles, because she’s awesome in them, but comedy would be great too.


She’s unable to act her way out of a paper bag. Totally untalented and unwatchable, anyone casting her in a lead role in a film will be making a huge mistake.

Dubbed “little Ms. PermaSneer”, by the LOST fans who were happy to see her character get killed off the show.


I think there are better examples to choose from.

I guess it remains to be seen whether she can escape that genre and actually act. Her recent attempts to haven’t met with the best lauded performances.


I really like Michelle Rodriguez. Despite that she is pigeonholed into action and sci-fi films because she isn’t an ingenue type, she does really well in those films, and seems to have a genuine interest and appreciation for them.

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