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Hunger Games Franchise Wants Lawrence for Lead

Hunger Games Franchise Wants Lawrence for Lead

Thompson on Hollywood
Thompson on Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence has been weighing her options since she garnered an Oscar nomination for Winter’s Bone. (TOH’s flip cam interview is here.) Producers Nina Jacobson, Jon Kilik and director Gary Ross, the filmmakers behind Lionsgate’s promising book-to-film franchise, The Hunger Games (March 2012), have opted to go older for the key role of tough Katniss Everdeen, who fights for survival in a dystopian future, casting Lawrence over younger actresses Abigail Breslin and Hailee Steinfeld, reports Variety. Billy Ray adapted the Suzanne Collins novel.

Lawrence, who plans to star in Oliver Stone’s Savages, is still in talks and has not yet signed. Now the production can chase a 20-something actor –Alex Pettyfer is the only name to surface so far– for the lead male role, Peeta Mellark.

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I’m fine with Jennifer as Katniss, but if the fact is true that it’s easier to choose someone that can act the part and then fix them up to look it, then why are they looking at Alex Pettyfer? Jennifer proved with Winter’s Bone and her other grittier roles that she can at least tackle Katniss. But what has Pettyfer done that would resemble lovable? Even someone like Anton Yelchin would make a little sense. But Pettyfer has been playing very simple, monotonous characters for as long as he has been acting. Also, none of his characters have been “common” like Peeta. I completely agree with everyone on the discussion board (and unlike Jennifer, the disagreement regarding the speculation about Alex as Peeta does seem to be unanimous) to please look elsewhere for an actor who is ideally signing on for three films.


Winter’s Bone was filmed in ’09, so Ms. Lawrence would have turned 19 that year, and naturally would have been convincing playing 17. I would prefer to see Hailee Steinfeld in The Hunger Games. I hope they don’t foul this up. They’re great books, and I was hoping for a Fincher-class director to do them up right.


Oh my gosh people, chill the eff out. Do you realize how much easier it is to get someone that can act the part and then fix them up so that they look the part also than vice versa? I’m so sick of fanboys/girls out there freaking out when someone is cast to play someone in their beloved franchise and that person doesn’t look EXACTLY like how they pictured the character to look. Get over it. Lawrence is an excellent actress who will barely be 21 when filming this movie. In Winter’s Bone she played a 17 year old and very much looked the part. Heck, her role in Winter’s Bone was even similar to the role of Katniss in Hunger Games; young girl forced to step up and take on the responsibility of taking care of her family and then having to embark on an extremely dangerous quest/journey/mission/whatever-you-wanna-call-it to save her family. This would be an excellent casting if she signs on for it. I, for one, am hoping she ends up with the part.


I agree with Nelly. The entire series is a modernization of the old Greek myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur, only with much younger children. Katniss and Peeta MUST look fifteen or sixteen or it would destroy almost the whole point.
I’m a huge fan of the books, and while I think that Jennifer Lawrence is a very fine actress, I just can’t picture her as Katniss. Too old, too blonde, too… not Katniss Everdeen.


She’s too pretty, too tall, too blonde and too old. Katniss HAS to look 16. They need to show that the Capitol couldn’t care less about killing kids.


I think the first mistakes have been made. I don’t understand the choice of director and now main cast in discussion. The basic genetic code of The Hunger Games is falling apart. How can you choose a tentysomething cast? What the h… is going on? This is a hard and intelligent story with key elements ‘children in wartime’ and ‘revolution’ and has heavy sociocritical undertones as well as it is critical of todays media (especially popular mass media/TV). It may also be a big epic adventure and love story but it has no resemblence with the also softened but much less ‘realistic’ ‘Twilight’-Fantasy. So what’s going on? Bookreaders old enough to really get the books probably won’t be happy (by the way the book/movie if done right would have an R-rating…). ‘Katniss’ has/must have a certain body type, certain motoric skills, body fat vs. muscle mass etc., and…. she is 16 at the beginning of the story… Anyone taking the lead as Katniss in Hunger Games should be max. 16 today to be credible to the public in 2012-15 or whatever…. And look at the (good) directors track record. Nothing against him, but it must be doubted that he can pull this off…
I respect Jennifer very much, and hope that she reads the script AND the books and then will decide herself that she could have maybe done it a few years ago, but not now….


Oh god, please dont cast her as Katniss. She doesnt have the body type, or face, shes too blond, and her face has baby fat. Anyone else please. Jennifer Lawrence wont be able to pull off Katniss. If she is cast this movie will surely bomb.


Katniss is described as olive skin toned unless they do some serious makeup I can’t see Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss…I can’t believe they have already messed up this movie…he already rewrote her draft…come on people that tells you something…to me anyway


Darn. I was really pulling for Hailee Steinfeld (no offense to Jennifer Lawrence, she’s a great actress but I don’t really see her as Katniss). :(


Please for the love of god, don’t have her as Katniss.

Of all the people to choose from, why her??

And is it really that hard to get someone who’s actually the age if the characters???


Billy Ray did not adapt the Suzanne Collins novel. He rewrote the Collins draft of the screenplay.


I am very happy with the casting…I recently saw Lawrence in “Winter’s Bone” and she was amazing. Congratulations, Jennifer!. All I ask is PLEASE for the love of all that is holy do not cast Alex Prettyboyfer…Good Lord the man is a Redwood and very smug to boot. I am however, thrilled with the casting of Jennifer Lawrence, if anyone could embody Katniss, it’s Lawrence.


To old, to tall, to blonde. ‘Nuff said.


I don’t really like the idea of Jennifer being Katniss. She’s a great actress but I don’t see it. And PLEASE do NOT cast Alex as Peeta. No Alex for Peeta!


Alex Pettyfer can’t act his way out of a lunchbox. He should not be lovable Peeta.


I think Jennifer could be great as Katniss (even though I would’ve preferred Hailee)… but my main problem with the casting of Jennifer is what you’ve mentioned as a possibility –Alex Pettyfer. Casting Jennifer instead of Hailee changes the whole age range of everyone. And the character of Peeta is supposed to be an overweight, lovable, awkward, slightly foolish (but still brave) character…. and everytime I so much as see a picture of Alex Pettyfer, I want to punch him in is smug, arrogant face.

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