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I Have A Few More Things To Say About SUPER

I Have A Few More Things To Say About SUPER

Yesterday around this time I participated in a podcast with Rex Sikes. It’s about a one hour interview almost entirely about SUPER. You can hear all the secret details about every and any aspect? How did it we put it together? How did we keep it together? How did it fit together? It was a fun talk. And it available for free right here:

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Ted Hope

Thanks for the kind words on Eternal, Bob, but, alas, i did NOT produce that film. My company did (along with Anonymous Content), but I had very little to do with it.

And for what it’s worth I am very proud of SUPER and opening box office does not damper my enthusiasm for the film or my expectation of it being a very profitable venture. People love the film and the response has been great to it. Check out The NYTImes review if you want something beyond a kneejerk reaction.

SUPER is very different in many aspects from the body of my work, but it does share a very unique and uncompromised vision, a willingness to push boundaries, and amazing utilization of limited means. Don’t follow prey to false definitions or easy categorizations.

Bob Weinsteinberg

Ted, I’m sorry to hear about the bad opening weekend of Super. Of course it doesn’t matter to you since you already got paid, but I’m sure your ego is hurtin. You had to see this coming. Be honest. A superhero movie directed by a b movie director, not necessarily a winning combination and after seeing the reviews I’m going to have to pass on this one.

What happened to the days when you produced awesome movies like Eternal Sunshine?

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