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Jennifer Garner As Miss Marple? Not So Fast; Agatha Christie Rights Holders Say Deal Not Done

Jennifer Garner As Miss Marple? Not So Fast; Agatha Christie Rights Holders Say Deal Not Done

So just yesterday, it was reported that Jennifer Garner had closed up a deal with Disney to star in a revamp of Agatha Christie‘s famed sleuth Miss Marple. Much to the dismay of fans of the author, these new film versions seemingly would keep the name only to change the spinster detective to a young, crime-busting woman in her 30s or 40s. Whether or not Garner would wear an accent was undisclosed at the time. Anyway, 24 hours later, it looks like it might not be signed, sealed and delivered just yet.

Deadline reports that Chorion, the rights holders to the books of Agatha Christie, have said the deal with Disney hasn’t closed yet. No reason has been given though given the minor outcry, it’s pretty easy to connect the dots.

Agatha Christie was pretty protective of her creations and even objected to the run of films made in the 1960s starring Margaret Rutherford saying, “Why don’t they just invent a new character? Then they can have their cheap fun and leave me and my creations alone.” And watching the trailer below, it’s easy to understand why she wasn’t the biggest fan.

So Jennifer Garner will have to wait before heading to St. Mary Mead to solve local mysteries. But for now, the actress is busy enough with “Butter” likely to turn up on the festival rounds sometime this year, and she’s currently filming “The Odd Life Of Timothy Green.” She’s also starring in the “Arthur” reboot with Russell Brand but we’re trying to pretend that movie doesn’t exist.

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Let justice prevail!!!

The whole ethos of Miss Marple is of the aged nosey and very British spinster…… it is upon this premise that the stories were written. Strong minded but frail bodied.

Lets see a remake of Martin Luthor Kings story starring a white cockney woman in the title role!!!

Lets see a Mickey Mouse movie with Mickey as a drug taking animal abuser….oh no…of course Disney would not allow that to be made!!!!

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