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Jennifer Garner Is Miss Marple In Disney Franchise Vehicle Written By ‘Fantastic Four’ Scribe

Jennifer Garner Is Miss Marple In Disney Franchise Vehicle Written By 'Fantastic Four' Scribe

Agatha Christie‘s famed sleuth Miss Marple is getting taken out of her fussy period clothes, sexed up and made over for the the new wave of blockbuster filmmaking. So hang on to your tea cozies grandma, your dainty little detective is no more.

Deadline reports that Jennifer Garner is set to star in a fresh take on the Miss Marple mysteries with Mark Frost (both “Fantastic Four” films) set to pen the screenplay. No word yet on if Garner will sport an an accent (we’re guessing she won’t and we really hope not), and while details on plot are scarce, the character will be aged down to be in her 30s or 40s. We’re going to take a wild stab in the dark here, but we presume Disney wants something of a female “Sherlock Holmes“; a franchise based on an internationally known figure but with like, more explosions and shit. So yeah, we don’t advise you hold your breath for “4:50 From Paddington.”

No production timelines have been set just yet and this looks to be in early stages, with a script still likely to be written. But it’s a pretty bold career move for Garner whose Vandalia Films will be producing the upcoming Marple film. Garner has been somewhat floundering in her post-“Alias” career (though both “Butter” and “The Odd Life Of Timothy Green” look very promising) and this Marple pic looks to be another valiant attempt to turn the actress into a tentpole star. Whether or not it becomes an “Elektra,” remains to be seen.

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I love the idea! And I love Jennifer Garner. Don’t judge until you see it.


So studios are even more foolish than we thought. Oh no, that’s right we knew they were idiots – what we have here is the proof.


Yes, it is amazing that studios believe in her and continue to invest in her films. I don’t believe she has carried one enormous box-office hit.

Stephen M

This is stupid. The whole point of Miss Marple is that she’s a little old lady who can figure things out because no one suspects her, she knows everybody, and she knows human nature from her long experience in life. Making her young and sexy completely defeats the entire purpose of the character. The movie may be about a female sleuth, but it will NOT be about Miss Marple. What an idiotic idea.


What a horrible idea. I don’t even like her in age-appropriate movies, but tampering with a beloved classic like this is inexcusable.

A Purist

A very sad day, when people tamper with classics in order to bring sex appeal…

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