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Jim Carrey Mails It In Again In Trailer To ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’

Jim Carrey Mails It In Again In Trailer To 'Mr. Popper's Penguins'

When Richard and Florence Atwater wrote “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” in 1938, do you think they expected, one day, it would be a vehicle for an over-the-hill comedian where he teaches the titular creatures to dance to a grating late-twentieth-century pop staple that people only like for ironic reasons? Because that is what the trailer for “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” represents. The book has been turned into a big summer release from Fox, that can serve equally as a merchandising opportunity, because what kid isn’t going to want their own plush penguin after seeing this saccharine clip?

Originally conceived as a story about a poor house painter, ‘Penguins’ has been changed by Hollywood to better relate to today’s moviegoers. So, naturally, he’s now a high-powered businessman who inherits six penguins, because someone out there in Los Angeles seems to think kids love stories about high-powered businessmen. Joining Carrey are Carla Gugino, Olivia Lovibond, Philip Baker Hall and Angela Lansbury, who will all likely contribute many moments of standing idly by and smiling as Carrey does some sort of physical shtick he’s too old for.

What is it with Carrey? Every time he tries something challenging, his next few roles seem like he’s making an effort to distance himself from that more interesting work. And something like this is just a paycheck that sees him acting against real (and, in some cases, probably anamatronic) animals — and by acting, we mean lazy slapstick. When does it stop looking like he’s a performer and start looking like he’s on a permanent playtime vacation?

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Matthew Dinda

This looks so terrible, and that book is so good (at least it was when I was in 2nd grade).

Smash Tit-house

they had to go and break out the fucking “ice ice baby”. i mean seriously. what a fucking easy joke to go with. i’m embarrassed for these assholes.


If he wants to do comedy, please try something along the lines of Cable Guy. IMO, that was a good venture for him.
Or maybe he can give us another awesome performance like Eternal Sunshine or Truman Show.

And a movie about a guy living with penguins. Hollywood sure is running out of ideas.


Wow, you are really harsh to Jim Carrey here. Every movie doesn’t have to be Long Day’s Journey Into Night. There’s plenty of room for some silliness. And I like Carrey more in light comedy — he spent plenty of time doing the big drama stuff, and it makes sense to mix it up. Yes, he’s done some cheesy stuff in the past. Move on. Also, penguins rule.


Yes, this film looks atrocious and painful to sit through . It seems Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with Jim Carrey ( or he is actively choosing hideous films ) . I miss Jim’s edginess and his comedic brilliance from ‘ In Living Color ‘ , ‘ Liar , Liar ‘ and ‘ The Cable Guy ‘ ( and somewhat ‘ Ace Ventura ‘ ) .

He recently hosted SNL , and he proved he still has the goods with the wonderfully written and acted sketch of the very creepy amusement park ride – an instant SNL classic skit. Carrey needs this type of edgy / dark comedic film material and a director that would truly challenge him.

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