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Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Play The Holiday Killer In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Play The Holiday Killer In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Update: So, was Variety wrong? Entertainment Weekly reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will not play Alberto Falcone (a.k.a. the Holiday Killer). Which site do you believe? Probably time to let more casting speculation begin.

It looks like Christopher Nolan is going totally new-school in his approach for the villains in “The Dark Knight Rises.” With Tom Hardy set to play Bane, word has surfaced about the recently confirmed Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s role in the upcoming film.

Variety reports that Gordon-Levitt is set to play Alberto Falcone aka The Holiday Killer, an intriguing choice given that the character only appears in the graphic novels “The Long Halloween” and “Batman: Dark Victory.” That said, he does fit into the world of Gotham established by Christopher Nolan. The son of mobster Carmine Falcone (played by Tom Wilkinson in “Batman Begins”), Alberto murders a number of prominent Gotham mobsters on holiday dates across a year (hence his name). His weapon of choice is a .22 with taped handle, serial number filed off and a baby bottle nipple silencer. Storywise, the move makes sense since with Batman now on the run and Harvey Dent dead, we could only presume that Captain Gordon will have his hands full as the criminal enterprises begin to reassert their power in Gotham. Alberto is sort of the runt of the crime family — not unlike Fredo Corleone — who wants to help in the business but is refused by his father who wants him to live a normal life. So much for that.

However, nothing is 100% just yet. Recently, Gary Oldman revealed that one of the villains would be “from one of the old, old, from way back from the old comics” — neither of which Bane or The Holiday Killer are. Of course, he might be talking about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (though recent reports suggest she’ll be an ally/love interest instead of a baddie). So either Oldman was wrong or was spinning some disinformation. And of course, there’s Two-Face who is a classic villain and Aaron Eckhart continues to be coy about his involvement — he recently told us “Harvey Dent is dead” leading some to rejoinder that it means Two-Face is alive — although last year it was reported that Christopher Nolan told him directly he would not be in the film.

So still lots of unknowns about the picture that will be gearing up to shoot soon, such as Juno Temple‘s role as a “street-smart Gotham girl.” “The Dark Knight Rises” opens on July 20, 2012.

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I think Talia will return with an improved version of the compound from the blue flower. She drugs Batman and he hallucinates for much of the film. Levitt will play the hallucination. This character/hallucination will be none other then Bat-Mite. He will not be called that of course, but we will know who it is. He will be a deformed mutation of Waynes greatest nightmares. The compound will also make him extremely horny which is why Talia and Catwoman will be in the film wearing skin tight costumes. Deformed Bat-Mite will prefer Talia, while Batman will prefer Selina. This will literally pull his mind apart sending him spiralling even further into darkness. The compound will make him froth at the mouth as well. Now this is all speculation at this point, but I do have o nose for these kind of things.


Can’t wait till someone on the film leaks the script and spoilers are posted across the web. Love the internet.

Kevin Jagernauth

Chris Nolan is pretty aware how the internet works. I’m not sure he would introduce a character and make it a mystery what their identity is for the entirety of a movie if anyone can find out with two mouse clicks.

Might it occupy a portion of the plot? Sure. But we’retalking like first hour stuff. He’s not adapting The Long Halloween. Get over it.


Yikes. I didn’t mean to spark such controversy.

I agree, it’s foolish to think Nolan is adapting The Long Halloween in a straightforward way, and therefore it is probably not a spoiler. But if he were, this would be a grade ‘A’ spoiler. I mean, The Long Halloween is one big whodunit, and reveling that Alberto is Holiday gives the murder. Well, actually, not really… but well, that’s not the point.

Oh, and @The Playlist, you should go to a certain Alfred Hitchcock with your whole “the spoiler which you speak of, obviously there is no spoiler because the graphic novel is already out. ” argument. I mean, poor guy went as far as asking audiences not to spoil Psycho in the film’s advertising materials, when in reality there was no such spoiler because Robert Bloch’s novel was already out. Right?


First of all, I still regard this as speculation/rumor on Variety’s part until Nolan or Warner Brothers releases a statement. Second, if Levitt is Alberto I’d wager there’s only about a 1% chance of him being depicted as the “Holiday Killer” in TDKR. Instead he’ll be an up and coming crime boss trying to make a name for himself or take up his father’s mantle (presuming Carmine is still in Arkham after ODing on fear toxin thanks to Scarecrow).

He’ll probably have as much screentime as Eric Roberts had in TDK, maybe even a little less, unless TDKR is close to 3 hours, which I wouldn’t mind of course.


if you think mentioning a long halloween is a spoiler you are an not very smart. its simply logical to mention where carmine falcone comes from. yes. its years old and most importantly all this shit is based on pure speculation.


“What about someone who never heard about The Long Halloween until now? What about a kid who wasn’t around when the book came out? I’d hate to be them and read such a big spoiler.”


Just because you weren’t born when the book came out doesn’t excuse the fact that you haven’t read it.
If someone were to spoil Taxi Driver to me, yeah i be pissed because they spoiled it for me, but it’s my own dumb fault for waiting to finally see it.
Long Halloween has been out for 15 years. Either get on it and read it or prepare for media outlets to spoil some plot points to you.


What about someone who never heard about The Long Halloween until now? What about a kid who wasn’t around when the book came out? I’d hate to be them and read such a big spoiler.

The Playlist

the spoiler which you speak of, obviously there is no spoiler because the graphic novel is already out. I suppose you could blame it all on the writer of the Last Halloween if you like. But yeah, here’s a SPOILER for you, it won’t be a straight adaptation.


yeah! and the necklace she borrowed was actually a fake. silly french. all that hard labor for nothing!

Kevin Jagernauth

There is nothing “spoilery” in this post that anybody who knows how to use Google couldn’t find in two seconds.

And as The Playlist mentioned, Nolan is tends to mash up characters/plotlines so it’s not like he’s shooting The Long Halloween dudes.


Rosebud is the name of his sled. Darth Vader is his father. And Bruce Willis is dead the entire time.
These have been out there for a long time. If you haven’t seen a movie or read a book that’s been out for at least 10 years, too bad. It’s your fault for missing out and deciding not to catch up.

As mentioned, i doubt Nolan will fully adapt Long Halloween. He’ll probably take fragments and weave it into his own universe.


Well, the fact that Alberto Falcone is the Holiday Killer isn’t really the most important detail in the plot anyway. And they’re right, Nolan only borrows elements from the comics, in both Batman Begins with elements of Year One and The Dark Knight with elements of The Long Halloween.

If Alberto even is known as The Holiday Killer in this incarnation of him, I think that will only be an establishing plot that will be revealed in the trailers anyway.


i agree. but its not like it isn’t an old story. also, like playlist said he seems to grab pieces from different sources. now if nolan titled it ‘dark knight: long halloween’…well that would be different.

one side note. im wondering how nolan is going to juggle all these characters considering this is his last batman film. is he setting up future films for a new director? he is overseeing superman, why not oversee new batman pictures? selina kyle/catwoman, falcone, bane, Juno temple’s character, maybe two face in some form, and obvious bruce wayne batman issues, his love story. lastly gordon, lucius fox and alfred …on and on…

this is a shit load of screen time to divide. consider how underdeveloped harvey dent/two face was in ‘the dark knight’. also this is a new story. all the villians for ‘dark knight’ are gone and this story basically starts from scratch.

seems like even more to get done in 140 minutes this go around.



I just think people who have never read The Long Halloween would like to go in fresh.


well. two face was directly involved with the holiday killer. so ROTCH you talking about that?



Completely agree. Just because the story is 15 yrs old doesn’t mean its not a spoiler.


too many cooks in the kitchen.


I love Gordon-Levitt, but I think I’m gonna have to take back what I said about Eric Roberts being the least Italian-looking mafioso ever.

The Playlist

Probably not. Nolan’s grabbed at several pieces of Batman canon and mashed them together. Lots of little part of the Long Halloween story appear in The Dark Knight rises too.


If Nolan stays close to The Long Halloween’s plot, then you just posted one huge spoiler.

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