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Kristen Stewart’s Prison-Drama ‘K-11’ Set To Shoot This Summer

Kristen Stewart's Prison-Drama 'K-11' Set To Shoot This Summer

Nearly two years after it was originally set to get in front of cameras, Jules Stewart‘s directorial debut, the ensemble prison drama “K-11” has finally secured financial backing and is set to begin lensing this summer, according to Variety.

The project was developed as a starring vehicle for Stewart’s daughter Kristen and, while her name was not confirmed by sales shingle Intandem to Variety, we’re presuming she’s still on board as it’s a passion project she’s talked about and developed with her mother for years. Stewart last spoke of the film early last year when she lamented the difficulty of getting indie flicks off the ground but concluded that she “still really hoped to do it.”

Also attached at some stage during the project’s gestation were Stewart’s ‘Twilight‘ co-star Nikki Reed, who has evidently since dropped out, and Kevin Smith regular Jason Mewes whose involvement now is unknown.

“K-11″ references a section of Los Angeles County Jail reserved for homosexuals, with the story centering on two characters that were to be played respectively by Reed and Stewart: Mousey, a tattooed methhead transgender, and an autistic transgender named Butterfly — both residents of the male prison. “Kristen is playing a boy, and I am playing a man who is quite a few years older than she is. I am working more on my accent,” Reed noted at the time. “Mousey is Mexican, and she comes from a very specific place in Southern California.”

Sounds pretty crazy but we guess — with the moneymaking ‘Twilight’ finale and Walter Salles‘ “On The Road” both due out this year — there’s never been a better time for Stewart to tackle this risky, leftfield passion project. A premiere for “K-11” at the Berlin Film Festival next year is reportedly being targeted with Tom Wright producing through his shingle, Libertine Films, which holds North American rights.

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Kstew & co. Good luck on this movie shooting, I can’t wait to see this and to those haters, fuck yourself. Poor your jealousy

The Playlist

“I have seen THOUSANDS of films.”


Dave Smith

I have seen THOUSANDS of films. Kristen is one of the VERY best out there. We can listen to the opinions of the MORONS who say she can’t act, or we can listen to the opinions of ALL of the people who have worked with her and ALL of the critics who have viewed, and written about her films. She is a classic METHOD actress. STEP OFF MORONS.


she’s an amazing actress…Twilight actually doesn’t do her justice because she has such a whiny character to work off of. True, she goes for the same roles, but it’s refreshing to see an actress who sticks with controversial and artistic films instead of jumping to popular comedies..and she’s really beautiful..anyone who says otherwise is


To Mal– Kristen Stewart not conforming has no bearing on my assessment of her lackluster acting talents. She portrays the same moody and depressed character in every movie which would be okay if she played them well. Her acting hasn’t improved and I’d say it has gotten worse. Those are my reasons for dislike. There are many up and coming non conformist actresses who are already more varied and better than Miss Stewart will ever be. She doesn’t have the range to pull off “an autistic transgender named Butterfly”. Her main acting traits seem to be mumbling, blinking, and looking vacant. I say all of this having never viewed a Twilight film. I tend to agree with “Mattrules” about her retirement being imminent. She cannot compete with the new class of talent.


To CinemaFreak:
Please name the actresses to which you refer in your statement (I’m assuming they are around age 20?)…”There are many up and coming non conformist actresses who are already more varied and better than Miss Stewart will ever be.” I’d appreciate a heads-up because I find Miss Stewart’s movies very interesting & am always on the lookout. I don’t think very many of us could be considered outstanding judges of “Acting Ability” – we all know what we like/dislike and should phrase it as such. I really enjoy/appreciate her in the independent films she has done. As apparently do her directors Sean Penn (“magically easy to direct”), Greg Mottola (“insanely special”), & critic Roger Ebert (“wonderful actress”). If her “tics” don’t fit the role, then why don’t the directors steer her otherwise? (May be that they don’t feel they need to.)

Hey CinemaFreak

STFU and stop behaving like a 9 year old, as Ian said you do not have to watch this. Go and talk about an actress you like and stop embarrassing yourself!

Kristen is a fantastic actress. I have never seen a Twilight movie in my life but they are very popular, Kristen & co must be doing something right. Its always a problem when actresses are very popular, sad idiots on the internet cannot handle it and HAVE to voice their meaningless opinion. It does not matter if you hate Kristen or think her movies suck, it is not going to effect her. So you are wasting your time carrying around negative energy.

I saw The Runaways and the Sean Penn movie, i cannot recall the name right now, but this girl can act. She has a wonderful face and i really like that she is not going for mindless romantic comedies where she could be making millions. K11 will be very interesting. It is always good to see first time directors get a movie off the groud, especially an indie that will no doubt be controversial.

Idiots to the left!


These comments are hilarious, why are you all so offended by Kristen wanting to do a tiny indie with her Mom? You don’t have to see it, whats the problem? Feels like all your heads are exploding as you type. Very interesting that an actress who you claim you have no interest in illicits this kind of response. It feels almost personal. Are you all failed actresses who feel like you deserve Kristen’s place as one of the most sought after young actresses?

It is especially funny to me that some of you are describing Miss Stewart as unattractive and even ‘ugly’. In what universe is Kristen not absolutely gorgeous. This is crazy talk. Why don’t you angry people go and bombard the likes of Roger Ebert and other major critics who call Kristen a fantastic actress, and try and convince them that she is ‘awful and untalented’. Good luck with that!

The project sounds wild but i am all for originality and taking chances, in an industry that is increasingly relying on dusting off superhero movies every couple of years.

Good luck to Jules Stewart and team!


WTF!!! to those people who say Kstew can’t act…in which planet are you from!!!!My goodness Kstew is a very good actress…SHE CAN ACT period!!!!….Be fair to her coz she deserves recognition as an actress!!!!


It does seem like a strange role for somebody who has earned enough to last a lifetime playing a average girl in a mega-hit. Very few actresses have any ambition at all when it comes to doing different, challenging roles. Obviously the typecasting plays an important role, if Jennifer Aniston is anything to go by. I wonder if a lot of the negativity about Kristen Stewart is due to her not conforming to the usual path the upcoming starlets follow in Hollywood – smile widely, dress skimpily and get breast enlargements! Anyway, lot of credit should go to Kristen Stewart for being passionate about something she cares to do and I for one will reserve judgement till I see the movie. I found that I liked Welcome to the Rileys quite a lot, when I went in without any preconceptions. Having watched only one Twilight movie previously helped with it.


Actually, what I find quite lame is the fact that you can’t give the woman some credit. Her life as an actress is still in its beginning stage, and to take on a role portraying the opposite sex – I applaude her.


The Twilight trio make the cast of the Jersey Shore look like thespians. I don’t know why they are still making movies. Cast Robert Pattinson as the gay man and Taylor Lautner as a transgender and give the world something to really laugh about.

She Got 28 million?

Ok, we’re gonna gasp if this pic earns an Oscar nom. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood, for example, KStew earning 28 million dollars last year. From all of her performances I’ve seen (Adventureland, Into The Wild, Twilight Saga’s, some scary movie I can’t reminder the title of), she doesn’t seem to select roles that allow her much of a range – they are all troubled, depressed characters, and I think she just plays to her personality. You don’t need talent to do that. Obviously Jules Mann Stewart is aware of Kristen Stewart’s “acting” skills and has tailored this role in K-11 to her daughter’s “lame” strengths.


The Movie is “DOOMED” before it starts….Give it up before KS is buried alive……….


Annoying mouth breather plays a boy in a prison movie. Use that next time PlayList. The potential box office gross is twenty bucks.


“K-11” references a section of Los Angeles County Jail reserved for homosexuals, with the story centering on two characters that were to be played respectively by Reed and Stewart: Mousey, a tattooed methhead transgender, and an autistic transgender named Butterfly—both residents of the male prison.

God awful and KStew can’t act to save her life. I smell another clunker like all her other movies. This chick is going to be unemployed after Twilight ends. Megan Fox is untalented but she’s nice to look at. KStew is ugly and morose. She needs to retire already.


well look at that… you’re drooling over this talentless b*tch! But then again all you need to do to be liked by.. ‘critics’ is get stoned&mumble; your words in indie dramas! Lame dude, just lame!

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