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Malin Akerman To Star In Romantic Drama ‘Wildwood Inn’?

Malin Akerman To Star In Romantic Drama 'Wildwood Inn'?

Updated: Jim Sturgess Not Attached

Updated: While Bleeding Cool say they talked to one of the producers of one of the films. Perhaps they spoke out of turn. Sturgess’ reps emailed us to say the information is wrong and he is not in the picture. We hope for BC’s sake that Malin Ackerman is in the picture too as they have reported.

Jim Sturgess is no stranger to wooing hearts — he sang his way through “Across The Universe” and this year he’ll romance Anne Hathaway in “One Day” and Kirsten Dunst in the sci-fi tinged “Upside Down.” And he’s not done breaking hearts yet.

Bleeding Cool reports that Sturgess and Malin Akerman are set to star in the romantic drama “Wildwood Inn.” Written by Jon and Lisa Vandergriff (the former wrote episodes of “Home Improvement” and “Sabrina The Teenage Witch“), the film follows “two young couples dissatisfied with their marriages [who] discover they both stay in the same mountain cabin each year, at alternate times, [and] they begin to explore relationships outside of their marriage via the cabin’s welcome journal.” Yeah, so basically, it’s “The Lake House.”

The film will mark the directorial debut longtime character actor Christopher McDonald. No word yet on when this might get in front of cameras, and the the names of the two co-starring leads are yet to be revealed.

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Earl McGraw

THE Wildwood Inn? Let’s hope Ted Bundy turns up.


Thanks so much for the updated info.Jim Sturgess also tweeted on his twitter like this [i]”‘Wildwood Inn???’….never heard of it.”[/i]When I read Jim starred this project ,I just surprised.Because It sounded it was really low-profile film.

By the way,what is this site,[i]Bleeding Cool[/i]?? Could you or someone please tell me is it famous or reliable source? I never heard of this site.


Since it’s now clear that Jim isn’t attached, who do you think would be the perfect male lead to play opposite Malin Akerman?

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