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New List Of Future Film Investors

New List Of Future Film Investors

Producers pride themselves in sourcing new financing sources. There generally is not a large supply of eager new money to leap into film biz. One agency has even taken to refusing to share with the producers they are representing the sources they are submitting to, for fear that they won’t be the new financiers’ preferred suppliers. Knowledge is power, but transparency is progress. Which is why I am excited to share this list with you…

You almost would expect a financier list to be the sort of thing that is found on Wikileaks. I do think we are entering a period when free culture moles inside the agency world (yes, they have been planted and are digging away furiously), will start to drop documents on the Deadline desks, but this list did not come from such a source.

The Film Biz is always a bit obsessed with lists. Box Office. Highest Paid. Most Powerful. Most Number Of Twitter Followers &Facebook Friends. You’d think ability to get movies made would always be something that Industry-ites would track a bit more thoroughly. Well, until we start do this, I am pretty thrilled to be offered THIS LIST annually. So who on it do you already know? What can we do to get them into this world a bit more thoroughly? I don’t know about you, but I am going to head off to China next month. Isn’t that what any self-respecting film producer should do? Let me know if you have anyone over there you think I should meet.

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Prince onyeka eze

Prince Onyeka Eze

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First Sergeant Candi O. Belle USA

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mike newman

jason, i love your practical advice. i’ve been wondering for years why more filmmakers don’t follow a similar approach.

Jason @ filmmakingstuff


I’m not sure if you were being funny or not. But in the event some filmmakers lack the networking experience or the contacts to warmly reach the world’s billionaires – allow me to add a slightly scaled down approach to meeting rich people.

If you’re looking for movie money (and who isn’t?), make sure you can answer the following questions:

1. What is my budget?
2. How much do I need to sell to recoup my budget?
3. Who is my target audience?
4. How will I reach my target audience?
5. Can I reach enough people within my target audience to recoup my investment?
6. How much will it cost to reach these people?
7. What monies within my budget can I reallocate to cover these marketing expenses?

If you can answer these questions and feel confident that your movie will not suffer as a result of reallocating production monies to cover your own marketing and distribution – then you will be speaking the language of business professionals.

In terms of finding rich people – instead of going to China, why not just revisit your old hometown and cold call your local rich person? I did this with a lot of success.

“Hi. My name is Jason Brubaker and I’m telephoning you from Los Angeles. I am considering producing my next movie in (insert hometown here) and I wondered if you would have 15 or 20 minutes to meet the next time I visit…”

Something like that.

To find these local rich people, I use word-of-mouth as well as the yellow pages. I look for the biggest yellow page ads and then cold call the company. I then ask for the owner of the company. And I work to get a meeting.

Not every phone call will be a success. Not every meeting will be great. But the goal here isn’t to necessary get money in the first meeting. The goal of the first meeting is to build a relationship.

After that, you can determine if making the money pitch makes sense. And OF COURSE, you MUST speak with a legal professional before you do any of this stuff.

With that said, after gaining experience with local millionaires, you may feel like repeating the process with some billionaires. Be my guest! The model isn’t much different. Everybody on earth is really, only a phone call away.

(Although I’m still waiting for Ted to return my calls. Ha!)

Jason Brubaker
Modern Moviemaker

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