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Not Winning: Charlie Sheen Not Unleashing His Warlock Powers From His F-18 In ‘The Hangover 2’

Not Winning: Charlie Sheen Not Unleashing His Warlock Powers From His F-18 In 'The Hangover 2'

#Winning? Try #Failing. Charlie Sheen and his addiction to being the best is obviously omnipresent right now. You might love the magic from his fingertips now, but in a week it’s gonna be as cute as “Borat” quotes. But with Sheen on everyone’s minds these days — the actor joined Twitter and gained a million followers in just over 24 hours — specious and unchecked rumors are bound to make the rounds by hit-hungry opportunists.

Cue the latest right on schedule: Charlie Sheen being sought for a cameo in “The Hangover 2” despite the Todd Phillips-directed sequel already having been shot. Sure, cameos after the fact do happen sometimes, but if Mel Gibson couldn’t penetrate the comedy at the objection of crew and cast, wouldn’t allowing Sheen to join be just as hypocritical considering he locked a woman in a closet? Probably. And Todd Phillips himself had to weigh in. “100% percent untrue” he told Collider.

Unless this is all one big ruse, we’d consider this case closed. “The Hangover 2” hit theaters on May 26, 2011.

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Kevin, spot on Sir!

Kevin Klawitter

And of course, people tend to fail to mention the hypocrisy around Mel Gibson, as Zach G. refused to work with him, despite the fact that the plot of the first one was based around a high-profile cameo by a convicted rapist.

Whether or not he was guilty is immaterial (I personally have my doubts, but that’s not the point). The fact is they’d rather work with a convicted rapist than someone who hasn’t been convicted of anything more severe than being a drunk driver and a major douchebag.

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