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Preview for The Killing

Preview for The Killing

This show is created by Veena Sud who did Cold Case and it is based on a Danish show. The show stars Mireille Enos (Big Love) and the pilot was directed by Patty Jenkins who directed Charlize Theron in Monster. The entire season is dedicated to solving the murder of one girl. Starts this Sunday night on AMC.

The Killing

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Catherine J

Britain has been going mad (in a quiet way on BBC) for the original Danish version. I shall be very interested to see if the American version comes any way close to this. The female detective, as played by Sophie Grabol (apologies for lack of Danish ‘umlauts’ – diacritics apparently – see Stuart Jeffries below) is really nothing derivative of other female cops in established dramas. She’s truly a new kind of female character – easy to miss because of subtitle stress. Do yourself a favour and rent (if you can) this version. You’ll become obsessed, in a good way.

here’s a link to a Guardian article by Jeffries to mark the end of the original version in the UK:

The Opinioness of the World

I am so excited to see this! Not only does it look great and is on AMC but it stars Michelle Forbes whom I will watch in anything (esp. loved her in BSG!).

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