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Reese Witherspoon Drops Out of Brave

Reese Witherspoon Drops Out of Brave

This film is still making news.

First they get rid of Brenda Chapman who was first female to direct a Pixar movie. The EW story says she will have co-directing credit. now, they lost Reese Witherspoon who was to have voiced the lead in Pixar’s first film to have a female lead. Kelly McDonald (Boardwalk Empire) takes over as the lead voice and while I think she’s great, she has nowhere near the prestige and visibility of Reese Witherspoon.

Why is this film full of constant controversy? It’s not going to be released until June of 2012. Get it together. We need the first Pixar film with a female lead to be good and successful.

Pixar’s Brave: Voice Cast And Art (Empire)

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I really want to see this movie (with my 8-year sister)!

All the animation movies that my sister wants to watch have males as the protagonist, so I’m very excited about there being an animation movie that looks interesting AND has a female lead. My sister is a tomboy who loves to play soccer. She is not into ‘boring’ princess movies, but those seem to be the only animation movies with a female protagonist.


Meh, you don’t have to have a big name star to make this movie succeed. Pixar itself is a big name. Hell, since Monsters Inc. they haven’t even made a big deal of their voice actors. (I guess they kind of did with Larry the Cable Guy in Cars). This will be the first non-sequal pixar film in a while and will be about something kick-ass. After Cars 2 I am sure it will be well-received.

Linn D.

I actually think Pixar is trying to make the best movie possible, and that’s why all the change. Granted their heros have all been male up to now (which is absolutely sexist), but as far as their creative process they are second to none. The industry is in awe of how well they create films, every single one not considered a bomb/flop. So in some ways I feel like we (and the media) need to keep our noses out of their creative business. We should absolutely demand better female leads for our daughters to emulate, but at a certain point we need to let the artists do their thing. And from what I understand of their process (I’ve spoken to insiders who work there), they are their own toughest critics. They have regular meetings with all their creative heads where they tear apart their films as they’re being created. So if they feel they need a change then I think we should hope for the best and wait and see…

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