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Robert De Niro Is Going To Make Another Movie With 50 Cent For Some Reason

Robert De Niro Is Going To Make Another Movie With 50 Cent For Some Reason

Forest Whitaker Also Circling Role

For the love of god Robert De Niro, fire your agent. The once-esteemed actor, who has spent the most part of the last decade or two slogging it out in one mediocre picture after another, apparently doesn’t know a good movie anymore even if it walks up and bites him in the ass. The actor hemmed and hawed over the drama “Honeymoon With Harry” to the point where director Jonathan Demme gave up on the project. So what to do next? How about another shitty movie with 50 Cent!

Deadline reports that De Niro is once again going to slum it, this time in “Freelancers.” Written by L. Philippe Casseus, the completely generic cop drama follows the son of a slain NYC cop (Fiddy) who is taken under the wing of Captain Vic Sarcone (De Niro) his Dad’s former partner, eventually becoming part of his rogue street crime task force. Will he find out that cops are corrupt? Gosh, we wait with bated breath to find out. Jessy Terrero, who helmed “Soul Plane” and the straight-to-video 50 Cent piece of crap “Gun” is directing so again, the De Niro decision-making process completely eludes us.

Production on the film is gearing up to begin next month and Forest Whitaker is also negotiating for a part, but he’s been choosing terrible projects for a while now too so we’re less surprised on that front. Perhaps someone needs to show De Niro these trailers but the sad thing is we don’t think it would make much difference to him. But hey, maybe it will be better than “Righteous Kill.” It can’t be worse, can it?

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Edward Davis, you are the spawn of a trailer park orgy. Shut your mouth before I mutilate your genitals.

Edward Davis

The outraged severity of this comment is kind of amusing. So uncalled for.



You are a faggot. De Niro has NOTHING to lose. Which sperm-eater is going to look back on De Niro and remember Little Fockers? No one. Compare that to how many are going to look back on him and remember Raging Bull.

I suggest that you cease your faggotry immediately.



He’s also a director. If he wanted to he could set up a “character driven piece.”

He’s just lazy. Did you see him on SNL promoting that last Fockers movie? Just horrible.


In his defense how many studios are even considering scripts that aren’t comic book characters, tv remakes, or “reboots” of movie franchises that have been rehashed sometimes just few years later. Hollywood needs to take more chances, less CGI and more character driven pieces. Shame on the industry that is so un original that Bob De Niro is going straight to DVD.

rocco siffredi

Maybe he should do Honeymoon with Harry… with fiddy :)


I disagree he has nothing to lose. If you build up a legacy from doing good or great work/films, then why undermine it by doing the opposite? Makes no sense. People measure your whole career, they don’t stop the critique in 1987. I personally had alot more appreciation for De Niro and his films 15 years ago then I do now. I would anticipate his next film, but no longer. Just my opinion, out.


De Niro’s at a point in his career where he has nothing to lose or gain. He’s solidified himself as a legend.


Another lame cop drama for De Niro. What happened?Where there no scripts available where he could play another generic gangster?


I love Robert de niro no matter what!!

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