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“Shut Up Crime!” Trailer Arrives For James Gunn’s ‘Super’

"Shut Up Crime!" Trailer Arrives For James Gunn's 'Super'

James Gunn‘s darkly comic superhero parody “Super” will be kicking ass in theaters very soon and a new trailer has landed and it seems to perfectly capture the film’s mixture of comedy and darker moments.

The film tells the story of an average guy (Rainn Wilson) who transforms into pseudo-superhero The Crimson Bolt after his wife Sarah (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a smooth-talking drug dealer named Jacques (Kevin Bacon). Joined by sociopathic teen-turned-sidekick Libby (Ellen Page), the two begin to wage war on crime and plot to bring down Jacques. Nathan Fillion and Linda Cardellini round out the cast. We like the overall feel of it, even though the film looks like it was shot on the very cheap. That said, it does seem like good fun and Bacon seems to be enjoying every moment as the baddie.

“Super” opens in New York and Los Angeles on April 1st and will expand to more cities through the month. Check out the trailer below.

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I am a fan of James Gunn’s Slither , but the comedy in this movie seems too forced and unappealing . Why can’t Nathan Fillion become a big time film star ? Fillion has all the goods to become a movie star : gifted, charming, versatility, and he has a strong presence.

Edward Davis

“So…it’s kind of like [Defendor] all over again (yikes)”




-So…it’s kind of like Kickass all over again (minus McLovin plus Juno).

-What’s with the hyper-(non stylized)- violent comedy thing? I’ve “satire” thrown around as a defense, but I don’t see it.

-The descriptor “subversive” seems to be the new “irreverent”.

-People being realistically violent and supposedly not knowing why it’s bad isn’t funny…to me anyway.

-Anyone else wonder if they tried to get Patton Oswalt in this before Herr Schrutte?

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