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SNL’s Victoria Jackson Is Both Still Alive AND a Crazy Backwoods Bigot

SNL's Victoria Jackson Is Both Still Alive AND a Crazy Backwoods Bigot

One of the least successful people to ever come out of Saturday Night Live, I was surprised to learn today that Victoria Jackson is both alive, and a crazy backwoods Christian prone to weird hair accessories, non-sensical, REMARKABLY ignorant rants (“homophobia is a buzzword created by the liberal agenda!) and giving anti-gay and anti-Muslim rants on HLN. Jackson comes across as a total nutjob, which is easy enough to laugh at and shake off (mostly thanks the to her voice. I’d always thought that was an act?), but seriously HLN, CNN and every other news program out there: STOP GIVING THESE PEOPLE A PLATFORM AND MAKING IT SEEM LIKE THEIR OPINIONS BELONG ANYWHERE IN THE CONVERSATION.

Victoria Jackson for President! And I’d love to meet your gay friends. I’m sure they’re really well-adjusted homosexuals.

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Here’s my issue: The basic tenets of almost all religions forbid the judgement of others, claiming that right to be reserved for God alone. So from a faith-based perspective, where does anybody get the right to say anything otherwise? If only God can judge us and trying to judge the human soul is His job, doesn’t it follow that judging others can be seen as a form of Blasphemy? Avoiding judging others is easy! You just don’t emotionally attach yourself to their behavior while continuing to love & support the person in fellowship & brotherhood. The Bible warns against the false christians, and how the devil uses them to twist the Word. Be careful out there, y’all.


Victoria Jackson needs to just take a pill and chill out. There is nothing wrong with the Glee episode. If you don’t want to watch shows with gays then DON’T watch. And stop telling us that the bible says. Come on have your own opinion. I get sick and tired of people saying ” the bible says is’t a sin.” I love watching Glee and so does my teenage daughter. She thinks the show is a positive show. So Victoria Jackson can just be quiet and keep her thoughts to herself.

Alex James

There’s something in all this rhetoric I’ve always found funny. Leave aside your little religious argument for the moment and take notice of the reality unfolding around you. The United States has been engaged in a prolonged war for the last ten years – a war that was perpetrated on the basis of a series of since-admitted bald-faced lies. People are starving all over your country. Your health care is laughably out of line with the standards of the rest of the First World. You are so deep in debt you’ll never see the light of day again. But what issues do you choose to focus on, to bring to the forefront of debate?

The fags! That’s the problem, right? Just get rid of all those nasty queers and *everything* will right itself.

Wake up, folks. People on both sides of this debate are being deliberately led down the garden path. Human rights are a curb an inch high; one we should have jumped years ago. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, and you all know it, so get over yourselves, quit arguing about a non-issue and start paying attention to the big picture.

And as Jesus might have said (oh wait, he *did*), LOVE EVERYBODY.

Common Sense

“I’ll never understand why a man would want to leave the NATURAL USE of a woman”

Natural use? I’m sure you quite have quite the enlightened perspective on the female gender.

Of course, you could just be trolling everybody, in which hats off to you on a convincing job.


Robyn: Isn’t that the point of free speech? You’re free to say whatever you want, but everyone else is also free to think that you are an idiot based on what you say.


Ken, think of it this way…

For you the thought of sex with or attraction to another man is unthinkable. Same here. Can’t work for me, because I’m wired heterosexually, as are you. But imagine that was reversed for you. The thought of sex with a woman makes you uncomfortable and men make your motor run. And the bigots and religious righters say you’re an abomination. It doesn’t change who you are or how you feel. How ya gonna handle that, Ken? Do you honestly believe you’d just think “well, this is wrong, so I won’t feel that way anymore”? It doesn’t work that way for them, either. They can no more change how they’re wired than you can change how you’re wired. This is the one thought that could change perceptions, if only people like you were honest enough to have such a thought.


That’s because your innate sexuality is heterosexual Ken. Please tell me you can grasp that simple fact. I don’t spend all day being disgusted by straight folks Ken ( though I am disgusted by bigots). It may say something about you though that you do. Don’t mistake what is natural for you to be natural for all.
Ever notice that in the end it always turns out to be a bigots personal ick-factor instead of anything even remotely religious?


I’ll never understand why a man would want to leave the natural use of a woman to go and lay with another man. It is vile and disgusting.


Who cares what any religion agrees or disagrees with Ken? They are all equally delusional. I find it funny and a bit odd though when someone says they disagree with an innate sexual orientation. That’s like saying you disagree with arms or hair. I wonder if they also disagree with air?


Last week it was Charlie Sheen and his craziness. I guess Victoria was a little jealous and didn’t want to be outcrazied by Charlie. Is it just me or does anyone else need a break from this recent spat of crazy celebrities showing off their stupidity on television?


Orthodox Judaism generally prohibits homosexual conduct. Most Jews disagree with gays and lesbians. But why is it that no one says a thing about the Jews being bigots? Oh, then the fags would be labeled as being antisemitic.

Smile it helps

LOL yeah, that does look like it might be a cotton/polly fabric she is wearing. ABOMINATION and what the hell is that hideous thing on her head? A real christian wouldn’t go out in public breaking one of the big old testament laws like that and expect people to take her seriously.


You know those idiot kids who punch other kids in the arm and chant “stop hitting me! Stop hitting me!” over and over, despite the fact it is they who are doing the hitting?

That’s what it feels like every time I read a comment by a Christian that says “Non-Christians try to tell us how to live”. I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, I don’t care if you want to believe a lot of very flimsy tales, I do not care, period. You, on the other hand, want to demonize anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as you believe. The only solace the rest of us can take is in the knowledge that history will view you just as clearly as we now view slavers and Klansmen.

Truth Hurts

Ken what is the point of posting quotes from your version of your prefered religious institutions book? Who cares what you find in there. I am curious though if you are prone to wearing mixed clothing and eating shellfish? Oh also have you killed any of your kids that talked back to you? Just want to be clear that you follow all the crazy stuff in there and not just the stuff that suits your bigotted ideals.

Common Sense

“Leviticus 18,22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.

Leviticus 20,13 And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

I’d be careful about quoting the old testament there, bud. There are a lot of prescriptions for behavior that we might have a problem with today (ex: being put to death for working on the Sabbath in Exodus). ;)

Concerned Father

It burns me up that I can hardly turn on my TV without some religious talking head spouting their hate at someone. My kids shouldn’t have to see that crap. It’s hard enough to teach them how to behave properly and treat everyone decently without having religious folks pound these hate messages into their heads daily. Like Bob said, please do your preaching crap in private.

Trogdor's Troglodyte

I can’t stand fat and ugly people like Victoria Jackson spouting crap on TV. Doesn’t give me the right to prevent her from being on, however.


Leviticus 18,22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.

Leviticus 20,13 And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.


Cindee sweatheart, we have to watch people kissing on TV all the time. It’s odd that the minute it’s two guys THEN you want it to be in private and you tell us how much you love us. You do realize you are an unbelievable bigot and hypocrite right? How about you and your kind do your religious nutjobbery in private and spare the rest of us. Thanks hun.

RJ Farrell

“We are trying to make kids gay”……she really said that……REALLY!!!!
Is it me, or does she really need attention this much?

Common Sense

“Exactly the opposite of what is being discussed. Glee is harldly ‘in private’ it is completely public.”

The actions and positions taken by Fundamentalists in this country with respect to law and legal issues would imply otherwise, including Victoria Jackson’s advocacy.

“Christians are not judges, but when you make your freakish acts public, it is enough. Why are only WE not allowed to speak up?”

1. I never said you couldn’t speak up; by contrast, I said I encourage you to voice your hatred for the rest of the population to observe.

2. Please note that your Puritanical brand of Christianity is an increasingly rare breed in this country (probably 20-25% at most at this point). Thus, it would probably behoove you not to speak of yourself as representative of “Christians.”


Why do these freaky religious types think the rest of the world must cowtow to their silly delusions? If they are so nutthurt over real life on TV then they are free to express their ability to change the channel. Watch religious programming or some nonsense like that. I’m sure it will feed your delusional needs perfectly.


I agree with Victoria Jackson. Simply put-Christians love you, not your actions. Do this in private not public. There is a lot of hypocrisy here. AND it is not hate to have a different opinion!


You said:
dictate what other people are permitted to do in private

Exactly the opposite of what is being discussed. Glee is harldly “in private” it is completely public. What the wicked do in the darkness of their own homes is not our business, Christians are not judges, but when you make your freakish acts public, it is enough. Why are only WE not allowed to speak up?

Common Sense

It’s important that people like Jackson are given a public forum from which to spout their hate — it’s educational for the rest of the population. The fact is that Fundamentalist Christians have been waging a war on this country and its constitution for hundreds of years, all the while trying to dictate what other people are permitted to do in private. It’s well past time to quit playing softball with these people and expose them for the unpatriotic slimeballs they truly are.


I always LOVED Victoria Jackson and never believed she sounded like an idiot. I loved the skit where one of her breasts would start moving up and down and the other move all about.

She is totally correct in what she is saying. The way all the wicked in the country speak about Christians is disgraceful. It would not be tolerated if it were being done to Mohammetans. People from the age of speaking to the old all take the name of God in vain constantly for example. Would they do that about the Buddah, or Mohammet, or Allah? No of course not. But Jesus told us that everybody would hate us.


This woman says that shows Like Glee are turning kids away from Christ. No, it’s nutjob extremist Christians like her, who quote scripture selectively to support their agenda who turn kids away from Christ. Simply, many kids today do not want to be associated with such nonsense and such hateful, evil people.

Michael Morrell

Victoria is very correct on this. All Christians believe exactly what she is saying concerning this. She wicked dissed the interviewer too, saying that people who gossip are precisely as evil as people committing homosexual acts.

Homo phobia means those afraid of men. People who stand up for condemning homosexuality are not afraid of men. In fact the Bible tells us not to be afraid of men.

It is just a matter of knowing that people who are perverted freaks like this, or people who like sex with children, or animals should not be “EXPRESSING THEMSELVES” on our television. It does not promote the public weal.


Victoria needs to stop shoving her indecent religious delusions down everyones throats. She should do something productive like go on a diet and stop trying to be the poster child for idiotic, right-wing, bigot nutjobs. Whay a complete moron. If there really was a hell she’s well on her way to it.


Not sure she was given much of a platform since it was a pretty one sided conversation with the host talking over her most of the time. That said she’s sure turned into a freakshow and that interview was more about displaying her weird fundamentalism than it was about Glee. Sad what happened to her as well as a sad excuse for journalism. Talking head television at its worst.


Robyn: Expressing disagreement with someone’s speech is also protected and free speech. Not hypocrisy at all, so stop being all butthurt when someone makes fun of something.


Why is a 51 year old speaking like a toddler? She’s touched at best, but most likely developmentally disabled, bless her heart.


Ken, perhaps you think that procreation is the only use for sex. Or that in-vitro fertilization for straight couples having trouble conceiving is wrong. I’m sure many gay couples would love the chance to make a child without outside help, but you are right, they can’t. I would say that gay couples that go to that much trouble to have a child must really love children, and would make better parents than many of the heteros who take procreation for granted.


Thanks be to Jesus that only a man and a woman together can reproduce. Man and man does not work. Woman and woman does not work. Perhaps with artificial insemination two women can have a child. But this still requires something from a man. Gays and lesbians will NEVER know what it’s like to conceive a child without the help of anyone else. Life begins with egg and sperm. Through the joining of male and female we are rewarded with the most precious gift in the world. The gift of life. It’s the only way. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, gays and lesbians.


She certainly couldn’t let her daughter watch SNL – if she’s had a such a change in opinion of what is acceptable television she should tithe all of her SNL earnings as penance for being involved with such sinful and mindless ‘entertainment’. And I always thought that voice was an act…my goodness it’s not a character – it’s real – hello 411 – could I have the # for Bellevue please?


Ted Nugent, Victoria Jackson, Chuck Norris – doesn’t the right have any spokespeople who aren’t has-beens?


Wow. She has GOT to be acting like an idiot, SNL style. This can’t be for real. She has got to be pretending to be that dumb.


@Robyn: hate speech trumps free speech. this is not about “agreeing” with anybody… there’s only one humane and decent opinion here and it’s that gay people should clearly be allowed to kiss or marry or whatever else is acceptable for straight people to do in any arena. and anyone who disagrees with that is a homophobe and a bigot, plain and simple.

Rob Murray

I actuall feel sorry for people like this that call themselves “christians”. To be a christian is to love one another and spread the “good” word of the Lord. Not to knock people down and be negative. Usually when people are afraid of something and put it down, they are dealing with some sort of demon within themselves. I just hope poor Victoria can find the help she so desperately needs!


If somebody says something we disagree with we have a right to SAY we disagree with you…’s just that we can’t say “You’re not allowed to say that”.

Mostly it’s just funny because I totally forgot about this actress, in fact most of America did until now….


So if someone exercises their right to free speech and expresses their own opinion, both of which are fundamental to not only American fundamentals but to Humanity a a whole, it’s OK to call them names, slander, and crucify them if you don’t agree with them?? Hmmm, hypocrisy at it’s finest.

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