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SXSW Video: Duncan Jones and Jake Gyllenhaal Talk Source Code

SXSW Video: Duncan Jones and Jake Gyllenhaal Talk Source Code

Thompson on Hollywood
Thompson on Hollywood

Jake Gyllenhaal was attached to sci-fi script Source Code when he saw Duncan Jones’ $5 million space drama Moon, starring Sam Rockwell in a multi-layered performance. He thought Jones was perfectly suited to direct Source Code, which played well as the SXSW Film Fest opener Friday night. Summit will release it April 1.

My flip cam interview with Jones and Gyllenhaal is below. They were buzzing about a recent encounter with SXSW attendee Paul Reubens (who co-starred with Gyllenhaal in the unfinished David O. Russell film Nailed, which screened recently); in the persona of Pee Wee Herman, he explained the Source Code as well as anyone could, they say (see his explanation below, as well as Gyllenhaal’s explanation of Pee Wee Herman’s Broadway show).

Pee-wee Herman Explains Source Code:

Jake Gyllenhaal Explains The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway:

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Cool interview (btw., the one with Catherine Hardwicke was also very interesting). And the bit with PeeWee Herman was funny. (Is that a new trend in cross-promotion, putting together very dissimilar people/characters, like Justin Bieber and Johnny Depp?)
Duncan Jones seems to be quite a likable guy. I had skipped Moon, but I will check it out now.

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