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The Poster For The “Fuck”-Free PG-13 Version of “The King’s Speech” Arrives….

The Poster For The "Fuck"-Free PG-13 Version of "The King's Speech" Arrives....

And it’s fuck fuck fucking ridiculous:

Seriously, do they really fucking think this is even going to get more people to see it? They’ve already made fucking $130 million… And beyond being fucking greedy, this poster has a really fucking ugly design (its undergrad design student feel and that giant “PG-13” honestly made me think it was a joke at first) and is the most blatant demographic pandering/family values fuckery I’ve ever seen (well, almost…).

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I’ll be letting my kids watch the original version – the swearing in the movie was funny and the kids will understand that.
Fucking ridiculous!


this is not a fucking joke, for fuck’s sake

Tommy V

I thought it was a joke as well until you clarified in the post that it was not.

Yeah, pretty shameless.

Raz Cunningham

couldn’t agree more!

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